Digital Lifestyles: 2011 Outlook

Digital Lifestyles: 2011 Outlook provides analysis and forecasts for a variety of digital lifestyle product categories, including broadband Internet, television services, digital content services, and products (home networks and consumer electronics).

“In 2011, consumers will have available to them ever-more capable products and services aimed at improving their productivity, entertainment, and communications experiences,” said Kurt Scherf, VP, principal analyst, Parks Associates. “Convergence in applications in these spaces opens the door for technology, service, and product companies to create new revenue models.”

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1.0 Digital Lifestyles: An Overview

1.1 Key Consumer Drivers

1.1.1 Consumer Electronics Purchases

1.1.2 Entertainment Expenditures

2.0 Access Services

2.1 Broadband Services

2.1.1 Residential Broadband Service Growth

2.1.2 Key Trends in Broadband Services

2.2 Television Services

2.2.1 Growth of Television Services

2.2.2 Key Trends in Television Services

2.3 Mobile Services and Devices

2.3.1 Growth of Mobile Subscriptions

2.3.2 Product Trends




3.0 Digital Media and Gaming

3.1 Key Categories

3.1.1    Digital Video

Digital Video and Connected Consumer Electronics

Mobile Video

3.1.2 Digital Music

Mobile Music

3.1.3 Gaming

Trends in Console Gaming

Trends in Online Gaming

Mobile/Portable Gaming

3.2 The Rise of the Personal Cloud

3.2.1 Personal Cloud Services: Lifestyle Coordination to Ubiquitous Media Access

3.2.2 Lifestyle and Media Management

3.2.3 Cloud-based Synching, Storage, Backup and File Sharing Services

3.2.4 Online Backup and Synching for Mobile Phones

3.2.5 Consumer Electronics-based Cloud Solutions

3.2.6 Cloud Music Services

3.2.7 Cloud Video Services

3.2.8 Cloud Gaming Services

4.0 Trends in Consumer Electronics

4.1 The Connected Consumer Electronics Landscape

4.2 Defining Connected TV Devices

4.2.1 PC-to-TV Connections

4.2.2 Connected TVs and Blu-ray Disc Players

4.2.3 Connected Game Consoles

4.2.4 Digital Video Players

4.3 Bringing the Online Experience to Connected TV Devices

4.4 3D TV

5.0 Digital Home Tech Support

6.0 Connected Home Systems and Services

6.1 Home Monitoring/Home Security

6.2 Energy

Consumer Electronics Purchase Intentions: 2008-2010
2010 Consumer Electronics Purchases
First-Half 2011 Purchases/High Purchase Intentions
Apple iPhone and iPad Unit Sales
Consumer Entertainment Spending: Box Office, DVD/Blu-ray, and Digital
Video Consumption Trends
Netflix Subscribers
Video-on-Demand Offerings
High Satisfaction with Household Services
How do Value-added Services Contribute to Customer Satisfaction?
Likelihood of Switching or Canceling Providers
Residential Broadband Subscriptions - Worldwide
Residential Broadband Subscriptions – U.S.
Strategic Shifts Due to Increased Competition
Broadband Features: Currently Have and Highly Interested
Home Network and Residential Gateway Households
Residential Gateway Shipments
Households with Digital Television Services
U.S. Digital Television Service Subscribers
Use of Online Video Services
Hours per Week Watching TV: All Viewers vs. Netflix Users
High Likelihood of Cancelling Pay-TV Service
Interest in Multi-screen Pay-TV Offering
Multi-platform Video Content Evolution
Mobile Subscriptions
Smartphone Adoption Trends
Smartphone Sales and Users
8 How are Mobile Phones Being Used?
Netbook and Tablet Computer Sales
U.S. Online Video Providers and Device Availability
Major European Online Video Providers and Device Availability
Appeal of Digital Video on Various Devices
Digital Music Revenues
Major U.S. Digital Music Services
Major European Digital Music Services
Cumulative Sales of Current-Generation Game Consoles
Growth of Xbox LIVE Registered User Accounts
Overview of Different Online Gaming Categories
Subscriber Growth: World of Warcraft
Social Gaming Market Drivers and Inhibitors
Worldwide Social Gaming Revenue Forecast
How is Data/File Back-up Occurring?
Online Backup Subscribers
Data/File Management Attitudes
Interested in Hosted Backup: Computers and Mobile Phones
Evolution of the Personal Cloud
Lifestyle and Media Management Cloud Solutions
Synching, Storage, Backup, and File-sharing Services
Issues with Mobile Phones
Interest in Mobile Support Features
Interest in Services Associated with Lost or Stolen Phones
Mobile Backup Solutions
Consumer Electronics-based Solutions
Network-attached Storage Unit Sales
Digital Media Attitudes
Interest in Multi-platform Content Access, by Media Type
Cloud Music Services
Cloud Video Services
Cloud Video Services
Penetration of Connected TV Devices
Connected TV Devices
Households Using PC-to-TV Connections to Watch Online Video
PC-to-TV Reference Designs and Products
Penetration of Connected TVs and Blu-ray Disc Players
Console Owners with Internet-connected Consoles
Game Consoles and Online Video
Game Consoles and Online Video
3D TV Unit Sales
Consumer Videoconferencing Solutions
Where are Consumers Most-likely to Use Professional Tech Support?
Broadband Service Providers Contacted for Tech Support
Preferred Type of Tech Support Provider
Preferred Type of Tech Support Provider
Interest in Home Monitoring/Home Security from Operator
Interest in Energy and Remote Control Features

Publish Date: 2Q 2011

Pages: 93

Authored By:
Pietro Macchiarella - Research Analyst

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