Digital Lifestyles: North America

Digital Lifestyles: North America provides analysis and forecasts for a variety of digital lifestyle product categories, including broadband Internet, television services, digital content services, and products (home networks and consumer electronics).

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Data Points

The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Data Sources

1.3 Companies Briefed

2.0   Digital Lifestyles: An Overview

3.0   Access and Entertainment Services

3.1 Broadband Services

3.1.1    U.S.

Growth Trends

Business Trends

3.1.2    Canada

Growth Trends

Business Trends

3.2 Television Services

3.2.1    U.S.

Growth Trends

Technology Trends

Business Trends

3.2.2    Canada

Growth Trends

Technology Trends

Business Trends

3.3 Mobile Services and Devices

3.3.1    Growth of Mobile Services

3.3.2    Key Business Trends

Mobile Value-added Features

Mobile Payment



Ultrabooks and Ultrathin Laptops

4.0   Digital Media     

4.1 Online Video

4.2 Digital Music

4.3 The Personal Cloud Evolves to a Media Cloud

5.0   Gaming

5.1 Trends in Console Gaming

5.2 Trends in Online Gaming

5.3 Trends in Mobile/Portable Gaming

6.0   Advertising

7.0   Connected CE and Platforms

7.1 The Connected Consumer Electronics Landscape

7.1.1    Video-centric Products

7.1.2    Networked Audio Products

7.2 Key Technologies to Watch

7.2.1    AirPlay, DLNA, and Google

7.2.2    Home Networking Technologies

8.0  Digital Health

9.0  Connected Home Systems & Services

9.1 Energy Management

9.2 Connected Appliances

9.3 Connected Devices

9.4 Home Security, Monitoring, and Control Components

10.0 Consumer Technical Support

11.0 Index

Consumer Electronics Purchase Plans
2011 Holiday Consumer Electronics Purchases
Apple iPhone and iPad Unit Sales
Consumer Entertainment Spending Trends
Netflix and Hulu Plus Subscribers
North American Residential Broadband Subscriptions
U.S. Operator Broadband Service Caps
Canadian Operator Broadband Subscriber Growth Rates
North American Pay-TV Subscriptions
Pay-TV Churn Potential
Growth of Mobile Subscribers in North America
North American Smartphone Shipments and User Forecasts
North American Tablet Sales and User Forecasts
Use of Online Video in the Past Month
Digital Music Revenue Growth
iTunes Song Downloads
Percentage of Households Using Online Backup
Preferred Type of Media Files Used with Digital Locker Service
Cumulative Sales of Current-generation Game Consoles
Growth of Mobile Gaming Downloads
Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita
Activities on a Tablet While Watching TV
Second-screen Advertising Opportunities and Challenges
North American Penetration of Connected Consumer Electronics
Networked Audio Products
Worldwide Unit Sales of Connected CE Products
Residential Energy Consumption
Number of Companies offering Z-Wave and ZigBee Products

Publish Date: 1Q 2012

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