Digital Lifestyles: U.S.

Digital Lifestyles: U.S. provides analysis and forecasts for a variety of digital lifestyle product categories, including broadband Internet, television services, digital content services, and connected home products, including home networks and connected consumer electronics.

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Dashboard: Key Statistics

1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose of the Report

1.2          Data Sources

2.0          Digital Lifestyles: A Summary of Trends

2.1          Access and Entertainment Services

2.1.1       Broadband Services

2.1.2       Pay-TV Services

2.1.3       Mobile Services and Devices

2.2          Digital Media

2.2.1       Online Video

2.2.2       Music

2.2.3       Gaming

2.3          Connected CE and Platforms

2.4          Digital Health and Fitness

2.4.1       Digital Health

2.4.2       Digital Fitness

2.5          Connected Home Systems and Services

2.5.1       Energy

2.5.2       Security

2.5.3       Connected Appliances

2.6          Consumer Tech Support

2.6.1       Consumer Tech Support

3.0          Access and Entertainment Services

3.1          Broadband Services

3.1.1       Growth of Services

3.1.2       Fiber Services

3.1.3       Broadband Speeds Increase

3.1.4       Growth of Data Use

3.1.5       Status of Cap and Tiered Services

3.1.6       Rural Broadband

3.2          Pay-TV Services

3.2.1       Growth

3.2.2       Over-the-Top Competition

3.2.3       Lower-cost Packages

3.2.4       TV Everywhere

3.2.5       A More Personalized TV Experience

3.2.6       Pay-TV on Connected CE

3.2.7       Second Screen Experiences

3.2.8       A New Encoding Standard for Video

3.2.9       Trends in Pay-TV Advertising

3.3          Mobile Services and Devices

3.3.1       4G LTE Status

3.3.2       Smartphones and Tablets

3.3.3       Service Trends

3.3.4       Mobile App Market Trends

3.3.5       Mobile Payment

3.3.6       Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Opportunities

4.0          Digital Media

4.1          Online Video

4.2          Digital Music

4.3          Gaming

4.3.1       Console Gaming

4.3.2       Trends in Online PC Gaming

4.3.3       Trends in Mobile Gaming

5.0          Connected CE and Platforms

5.1          Consumer Electronics Purchases

5.2          Smart TVs

5.3          The Second Screen and “Pushing” Technologies

5.4          Digital Video Media Receivers

6.0          Digital Health and Fitness

6.1          Digital Health

6.2          Digital Fitness

7.0          Connected Home Systems and Services

7.1          Channel Convergence Inside the Connected Home

7.2          Utility Channel

7.3          Security Channel

7.4          The Broadband Service Provider Channel

7.5          Retailers

7.6          Which Channel Wins?

8.0          Consumer Tech Support

8.1          Consumer Technical Support Services

9.0          Core Industry Forecasts

9.1          Access Services

9.2          Connected CE

9.3          Connected Home Management

10.0        Appendix

10.1        Glossary

10.2        Index

Top Ten Countries for Broadband
U.S. Residential and Mobile LTE Broadband Subscriptions
AT&T and Verizon FTTx Internet Subscribers
Average Internet Connection Speed: U.S.
Consumer Internet Traffic, 2011-2016
Consumer Internet Traffic, by Type: North America
Broadband Adoption: Rural Households vs. the Nation
U.S. Pay-TV Subscribers
U.S. Households Relying Solely on OTT Video for TV
Notable Over-the-Top Television Alternatives
LTE Availability: U.S. Mobile Operators
U.S. Smartphone and Tablet Sales
Apple iPhone and iPad Unit Sales
Smartphone Operating System Market Share
Voice and Data Revenues: Top-Four U.S. Wireless Carriers
App Download Pattern by Device Platform
Apps Downloads – North America
Consumer Entertainment Spending: Box Office, DVD/Blu-ray, and Digital
U.S. Online Video Viewers: 2013-2017
Netflix and Hulu Plus Subscribers
U.S. Digital Music Market: Total Revenues
iTunes Song Downloads
North American Game Console Sales
Consumer Electronics Spending Plans
2012 Holiday CE Intentions and Purchases
2012 Annual Consumer Electronics Purchases: Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones, and Tablets
Intel PC Group and AMD Computing Solutions Earnings
Smart TV Penetration
Sales of Apple TV and Roku
Digital Health Market Segmentation
Utility, Home Automation, and Security Service Business Models
Consumer Tech Support Services
Access Service Subscriptions
Unit Sales of Consumer Electronics
The Landscape of Home Security
A U.S. Forecast for Revenues from Traditional Security and Home Service Bundles

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