Digital Media Distribution: Market Update

This industry report examines the complex digital distribution ecosystem, including its key technologies and players.

As consumers become more accustomed to purchasing and using non-physical entertainment content, traditional media companies are migrating towards online distribution channels. The report also analyzes the threats and opportunities created by digital distribution, describes implications for the main content categories (video, music, videogames, books), and illustrates the different technologies used in the digital value chain.

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1.0 Notes on Methodology and Report Focus

1.1 Scope of Report

2.0   The Digital Distribution Ecosystem

2.1 Video

2.2 Music

2.3 Videogames

2.4 E-books

3.0   Key Technologies

3.1 Video Delivery Platforms

3.2 Digital Rights Management

3.3 Adaptive Streaming

4.0   Networks

4.1 Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

4.2 Telco CDNs

5.0   Trends

6.0   Forecast of Ownership of Connectable Devices

6.1 Forecast Methodology

6.2 Number of Connectable Devices per Broadband Household

6.3 Broadband Growth

7.0    Glossary

8.0    Index

Digital Distribution Ecosystem
Online Video Consumption Growth (Q3/06 - Q4/11)
Preferred Online Sites for Movies and TV Shows
Top Online Video Aggregator Websites
Online Video Monetization Models
Music App Usage
Notable Retailers with Transactional Music Services
Notable Music Services Offered by Broadband and Mobile Providers
Notable Download Services
Radio Replacement Services
Notable Music On-Demand Services
Notable Cloud Music Services
Social and Free-to-Play Gaming
Games Using Online Connectivity
Annual e-Book Sales, 2002 - 2011
Direct Publishing Model
E-Books Direct Publishing Terms and Conditions
Digital Media Distribution Services
Key Technology Issues per Type of Content
Complexity of Digital Delivery
Notable Video Delivery Platforms
Common DRM Solutions
Adaptive Streaming
Example of CDN Architecture
Third-Party CDNs and Notable Video Delivery Features
Comparison between 3rd Party CDNs and Telco CDNs
Notable Telco CDN Initiatives
Forecast Methodology
Number of Connectable Devices per BB HH in North America
Number of Connectable Devices per BB HH in Western Europe
Number of Broadband Households 2011 - 2016

Publish Date: 4Q 2011

Pages: 61

Authored By:
Pietro Macchiarella - Research Analyst

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