Digital Music Services: Trends and Outlook

Digital Music Services: Trends and Outlook provides an overview of the current digital music service landscape, including consumer trends, usage models, and attitudes as well as the emerging class of new players and services and the changing roles of established industry players. The report also explores the impact of new devices and technologies and makes recommendations for industry players and entrants.

“Consumers are still highly engaged with their digital music,” said Laura Allen Phillips, research analyst, Parks Associates. “They take it with them everywhere and want it on every device. New technologies, service offerings, connectivity options, and business models are changing the way they access, discover, and pay for music. It is a shifting landscape. The successful industry players will be those driving the change, rather than just adjusting to it. ”

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The Bottom Line

1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2          Data Sources

1.3          Companies Briefed

1.4          Definitions of Terms and Acronyms

2.0          Consumer Trends, Usage and Preferences

2.1          Music Downloading vs. Streaming

2.2          Internet and PC Usage

2.3          Mobile Device as a Music Source

2.4          Mobile Phone Replacing MP3 Players

2.5          Music in the Car

2.6          Preferences

2.6.1      Connected Device for Music

2.6.2      Format

2.6.3      Digital Locker Appeal

3.0          Business Models

3.1          Transactional Services

3.1.1      Market Overview

3.1.2      Piracy

Industry Impact

Anti-Piracy Measures and Initiatives

3.2          Subscription Services

3.2.1      Music Download Services

3.2.2      Streaming Services – “Sit-back” Listening

3.2.3      Music On-Demand

3.3          Ad-Supported Music

4.0          Established and Emerging Players

4.1          Established Players

4.1.1      Music Labels

4.1.2      Licensing Groups and Industry Consortia

4.2          Emerging Players

4.2.1      Mobile Carriers

4.2.2      Mobile Device Manufacturers

4.2.3      Pay-TV and Broadband Providers

5.0          Emerging Trends and Usage Models

5.1          Music in the Clouds; Digital Lockers and Library Access

5.2          Social Media and Music

5.3          Device Driven Trends

5.3.1      Music on Mobile Devices

5.3.2      Connected Consumer Electronics

5.3.3      Music in the Car

5.4          Making Music Discoverable

5.4.1      The Importance of Discoverability

5.4.2      The Role of Metadata

6.0          Summary and Recommendations

6.1          Summary

6.2          Recommendations

Combined Trending: Downloads and Streaming
Usage Frequencies of the PC and Internet Music Sources
Use of a mobile Device as a Music Source (among teenagers and adults)
Desired Platform for Home Movie Digital Locker
Source of Music for the Automobile
Demographics of In Car Music Source Users
Preferred Connected Device for Accessing Digital Music
Preferences for Physical over Electronic Media
Appeal of the Digital Locker Concept
Willingness to Pay for Digital Locker Service
U.S. Digital Download Market Share 2010
Transactional Music Services
Digital Music Revenues 2006 - 2010
Debut Album Sales 2003 – 2010
International Anti-Piracy Implementations
Subscription Download Services
Streaming Music Services
Music On-Demand Services
Pandora Active User Base Current and Alternative Revenue Generation Models
Record Label Market Share 2010
Digital Usage Models and Licensing Requirements
Lifestyle and Media Management Service Providers
Cloud-based User Music Library Access Services
Top Ten Music Mobile Phones (Source: Top Ten Reviews)
Music Service on Connected CE
Metadata and Music Intelligence Solution Providers

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