Digital Voice Communications in the Home

This report analyzes the VoIP technology trends including the rise of PC-PC telephony, wireless VoIP, and the increasing market presence of the cable providers. Using Parks Associates’ latest consumer survey data, this report sheds light on the consumer’s attitude towards VoIP, gauges demand, and addresses the decision-making economics underlying the switch to VoIP.

“eBay’s acquisition of Skype has renewed the industry’s interest in VoIP and shifted the focus from the telephone to the home computer,” said John Barrett, director of research with Parks Associates. “Nonetheless, the real action in the market will continue to be in the ‘invisible’ VoIP services people use without being consciously aware of them.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0 Notes on Methodology
   1.1 Consumer Data
   1.2 Definitions
   1.3 Statistical Analysis Techniques

2.0 Overview

3.0 Services & Providers

   3.1 VoIP Service Providers
   3.2 VoIP Services
   3.3 Pricing
   3.4 Features
   3.5 Video VoIP

4.0 Consumer Demand for VoIP Services
   4.1 VoIP Users
   4.2 Demand for VoIP Services—Stand-alone Services
   4.3 Demand for VoIP Services—Bundled Services
   4.4 Bundled Service Segments

5.0 Regulatory Issues
   5.1 Information vs. Telecommunication Services
   5.2 911
   5.3 CALEA
   5.4 Intercarrier Compensation
   5.5 Unbundling
   5.6 Net Neutrality vs. Paying for Pipes

6.0 Technical Issues
   6.1 VoIP & Wireless Broadband
   6.2 Cellular-Wi-Fi Convergence
   6.3 Battery Power

7.0 Forecasts

8.0 Implications

Resource Book

Section I: VoIP Adoption & Demand

Section II: VoIP User & High Intender Demographics

Section III: VoIP Adoption Patterns by Demographics

Section IV: VoIP & Bundled Service Packages

Section V: VoIP Service Providers

   AT&T (SBC)
   Charter Communications, Inc.
   Comcast, Inc.
   Cox Communications, Inc.
   FreeWorld Dialup
   iConnectHere (Deltathree)
   Net2Phone, Inc.
   Packet8 (8x8, Inc.)
   Primus Telecommunications (Lingo)
   Time Warner
   VoicePulse, Inc.

The Bottom Line

Overview of VoIP Players
Inhibitors to Consolidation
Computer- vs. Telephone-Centric VoIP
VoIP Pricing
Cost of International VoIP Calling
International VoIP Rates
Telephone-Centric VoIP Features (Select Operators)
Total VoIP Features on Checklist
VoIP Videophones
Users of VoIP Services
Appeal of Telephone Packages: VoIP vs. Traditional
Intenders of Various VoIP Services
How Important are Individual Services in a Bundle
Most Popular Bundled Service Packages
Potential Customer Segments for Triple-play Services
Demographic and Psychographic Segment Profiles
Technical Challenges to E911 with VoIP
E911 Status by Service Provider
Desired Applications for Mobile Broadband Service
Value of Broadband Wireless & VoIP
Home Network Adoption and Computer-Centric VoIP
Wi-Fi-Cellular Convergence: Drivers and Inhibitors
VoIP BackUp Power Solutions
Independent vs. Bundled VoIP Subscribers
VoIP Subscriber Forecast
Independent vs. Bundled VoIP Revenues
VoIP Revenue Forecast

Resource Book

Broadband Households and VoIP Subscription
VoIP Adoption
VoIP and Local Phone Service
Broadband Internet Service - VoIP Households vs. All Broadband Households
VoIP Users and Bundled Services
Appeal of Telephone Packages: VoIP vs. Traditional
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Head of Household Gender
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Age
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Education
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Income
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Marital Status
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Type of Housing
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Home Value
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Number of Adults in Household
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Number of Children in Household
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Number of Teenagers in HH
Distribution of VoIP Users/High Intenders by Race
VoIP and Gender
VoIP and Age
VoIP and Education
VoIP and Income
VoIP and Marital Status
VoIP and Housing
VoIP and Home Value
VoIP and Adults in Household
VoIP and Children in Household
VoIP and Teenagers in Household
VoIP and Race
How Important are Individual Services for a Bundled Package
Voice Services Chosen for Bundled Service
Appeal of Voice Services when Bundled as a Package
Most Popular Bundled Service Plans
Psychographic Profiles of Segments
Ideal Bundles for Different Customer Segments
Demographic Profile of Segments Ideal for VoIP services
SBC Financial Overview
AT&T: RBOC MSO Overlap
AT&T VoIP Service
BellSouth Financial Overview
BellSouth: RBOC MSO Overlap
Bell South VoIP Service
Bell South VoIP Service
Cablevision Financial Overview
Cablevision Subscriber Base
Cablevision: RBOC MSO Overlap
Cablevision VoIP Service
Charter Financial Overview
Charter Subscriber Base
Charter: RBOC MSO Overlap
Charter VoIP Service
Comcast Financial Overview
Comcast Subscriber Base
Comcast: RBOC MSO Overlap
Comcast VoIP Service
Cox Communications Financial Overview
Cox Subscriber Base
Cox: RBOC MSO Overlap
Cox Communications VoIP Service
EarthLink, Inc. Financial Overview
EarthLink, Inc. VoIP Service
Google Financial Overview
iConnectHere Financial Overview
iConnectHere VoIP Service
Microsoft Financial Overview
Net2Phone, Inc. Financial Overview
Net2Phone, Inc. VoIP Service
8x8 Financial Overview
Packet8 VoIP Service
Primus Financial Overview
Primus VoIP Service
Qwest Financial Overview
Qwest: RBOC MSO Overlap
Qwest VoIP Service
eBay Financial Overview
Skype VoIP Service
SunRocket VoIP Service
Time Warner Cable Financial Overview
Time Warner Financial Overview
Time Warner Cable Subscriber Base
Time Warner: RBOC MSO Overlap
Time Warner VoIP Service
Verizon Communication, Inc. Financial Overview
Verizon: RBOC MSO Overlap
Verizon Communications, Inc. VoIP Service
VoiceGlo Financial Overview
VoiceGlo VoIP Service
VoicePulse VoIP Service
Vonage Financial Overview
Vonage Subscriber Base
Vonage VoIP Service
Yahoo! Financial Overview

Publish Date: 1Q 2006

Pages: 136

Authored By:
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by: Parks Associates

© February 2006 Parks Associates
Dallas, Texas 75230

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