Enabling Solutions for a Rich Broadband Experience

This report examines the state of the global broadband market and analyzes the drivers, demand, deployments, and critical enabling technologies for broadband value-added services. It includes six international case studies, profiles of twelve key solution providers, consumer analysis, market forecasts, and recommendations.

“Broadband value-added services other than IPTV and VoIP are still largely under-monetized,” said Parks Associates. “Broadband service providers with a comprehensive and consistent approach to deploying various VAS will benefit from lower churn rates, additional revenues, and higher trust with subscribers.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0       Methodology

2.0       Global Broadband Market Update

2.1       North American Broadband Market Update

2.2       European Broadband Market Update

2.3       Asian Broadband Market Update

2.3.1 Japan

2.3.2 South Korea

2.3.3 China

3.0       Broadband Value Added Services: Beyond Bandwidth

3.1       Commoditization of Bandwidth

3.2       Changing Broadband Business Models

3.3       Converged VAS Drive Bundled Services

3.4       Marketing Strategies

3.5       Consumer Demand for VAS

3.6       Broadband VAS Roadmap

3.7       Relevant Technology Development

4.0       Service Provider Deployments of Value Added Services

4.1       Broadband Entertainment

4.2       Digital Home Support

4.3       Digital Home Control and Monitoring

4.4       Storage/Backup/Remote Access

4.5       User-Generated Content (UGC)

4.6       International Case Studies

4.6.1    British Telecom – Providing Experience in an Open Environment

4.6.2    France Telecom/Orange – Gateways, Content and Web 2.0

4.6.3    Free/Iliad – Freebox Fuels Growth

4.6.4    Comcast – Playing the Content Card

4.6.5    Verizon -- 360° Gaming

4.6.6    China Telecom – a Controversial Push Strategy

5.0       Market Forecast

5.1       Forecast Methodology

5.2       Detailed Forecast

6.0       Implications and Recommendations

Resource Book

Section I: Growth of Internet Adoption

Section II: Demographics Analysis of Broadband Households

Section III: Narrowband-Broadband Migration

Section IV: Broadband Satisfaction Analysis

Satisfaction Ratings by Providers in the US and Canada

Drivers for Satisfaction

Section V: Value-Added Services

Broadband Entertainment

Home Networking

Adoption and Usage of Home Network

Home Networking Services from Service Providers

Internet Security

Online Storage

Automated PC Maintenance – “the Dashboard”

Section VI: Demographics Analysis of VAS Customers

Broadband Entertainment

Digital Home Services

Section VII: Profiles of White-label Solution Providers

Axentra Corp.

Casero, Inc.

Exent Technologies

Hiwired, Inc.

Intamac Systems

Motive Inc.

Oberon Media



Synacor, Inc.


Xanboo Inc.

The Bottom Line

Residential Broadband Penetration among U.S. Households
Market Share of Leading Broadband Service Providers at YE 2007
Strong Growth of FIOS Broadband
Forecast of FTTx and Mobile Wireless Residential Subscribers (2007-2012)
Major Canadian Broadband Providers’ Subscribers Growth 2004-2007
Growth of Broadband Penetration Rate per Capita
Growth of Broadband Households Among Major Asian Countries 2003-2007
Comparison of Broadband Rates (Cost per MB/Month of data transmission) Among Selected Countries in 2005
Top Broadband Activities in Japan - 2007
Popular Internet Activities in S. Korea (Q4/07)
Growth of Broadband Households in China 2003-2008 Compared to the U.S.
Declining ARPU among Chinese Broadband Households 2003-H1 2007
Most Frequently Used Internet Applications in China
Commoditization of Bandwidth
Forecast of Broadband Subscribers Receiving 10 MBps or Higher Services
Bundled Services: DSL vs. Cable in Subscriber Numbers (Q1/07)
Online Entertainment Activities (Q3/07)
Utility and Communications Activities (Q3/07)
Consumer Interests in Selected Digital Home Services (Q1/06)
Segmentation of Broadband Service Provider Value-added Services
Online Entertainment Activities (Q3/2007)
Major Broadband Entertainment Deployments
Major Digital Home Support Deployments
Interest in Home Control Features (Q1/07)
Major Digital Home Control and Monitoring Deployments
Willingness to Pay for an Online Storage Solution
Major Digital Storage/Backup Deployments
Major UGC Deployments
U.S. Forecast of Broadband VAS Revenue (2006-2012)
Detailed Breakdown of Forecast Numbers
U.S. Forecast of VAS ARPU among Broadband Users (2006-2012)

Resource Book

Internet and Broadband Adoption
Internet Penetration by Gender
Internet Penetration by Age
Internet Penetration by Education
Upgrade Internet Access (Q1/07)
Breakdown of all U.S. Households by Internet Access and Intent to Subscribe (Q1/2007)
Broadband and National Demographics: Gender Comparison
Broadband Users among All Age Groups
Broadband and National Demographics: Income Comparison
Broadband and National Demographics: Education Comparison
Likelihood for Narrowband Users to Upgrade to a Broadband Service
U.S. Broadband Customers: Rating Satisfaction with Provider
Canadian Broadband Customers: Rating Satisfaction with Provider
High and Low Satisfaction: U.S. Broadband Carriers
High and Low Satisfaction: Canadian Broadband Carriers
Broadband Service: Important Factors in Driving Satisfaction (U.S.)
Broadband Service: Important Factors in Driving Satisfaction (Canada)
Number of Hours Spent on Activity
Media Activities
Penetration of Home Data Networks
Most Valuable Applications for a Home Network (U.S.)
Offered and Accepted Home Networking Offer from BSP: U.S.
Offered and Accepted Home Networking Offer from BSP: Canada
What Factors were Important in Accepting a Home Networking Offer from the Broadband ISP? (U.S.)
What Factors were Important in Accepting a Home Networking Offer from the Broadband ISP? (Canada)
Respondents Experiencing Security-related Maladies
What Internet Security Solutions are Used?
Rating Internet Providers on Responsiveness to Security Issues (U.S.)
Rating Individual Internet Providers on Responsiveness to Security Issues (U.S.)
Rating Internet Providers on Responsiveness to Security Issues (Canada)
Rating Individual Internet Providers on Responsiveness to Security Issues (Canada)
Interest in Online Storage Solution: By Weekly Multimedia Activities
Willingness to Pay for an Online Storage Solution
Frequency of PC Maintenance Functions
Interest in PC Maintenance “Dashboard”
Broadband Entertainment Activities I (Q3/07)
Broadband Entertainment Activities II (Q3/07)
Consumer Interest in Automated Maintenance and Online Storage (Q1/06)
Consumer Interest in Whole-home protection, software & support, and unlimited tech support (Q1/06)
Motive Solutions
SupportSoft Overview

Publish Date: 2Q 2008

Pages: 129

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