Executive Update: Enhancing Diabetic Care through Intelligent Medical Devices

This executive update examines technologies used for monitoring diabetic patients in the home, analyzes major product and service categories, and profiles key industry players.

“Diabetes is a condition with no cure and rising incidence rates, and it is taxing the global health system with growing economic and social consequences,” said Jane Shields, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “Technology vendors and service providers are investigating innovative ways to help a diabetic manage the disease proactively and holistically, from diet and lifestyle changes to weight and glucose monitoring to insulin delivery.”

The Executive Update is a concise, executive-level summary of the current state of the market, evolutionary path, and the implications for companies doing business in this space.

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1.0   Notes on Methodology

1.1 Methodology

1.2 Scope of Research

2.0   Diabetes Diagnosis and Prevalence

3.0   Diabetes Management Technology

3.1 Home A1c Test

3.2 Blood Glucose Monitors

3.3 Insulin Pumps

3.4 Continuous Glucose Monitoring

3.5 Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring Technologies

3.6 Diabetes Management Software

3.7 Fitness, Nutrition, and Other Related Diabetic Care Technologies

4.0   Diabetes Service Providers and Care Models

4.1 Diabetes Supply/Distribution Companies

4.2 Diabetes Counseling and Management

4.3 Technology’s Role in Diabetic Care Management

5.0   Forecasts

6.0   Implications and Recommendations

6.1 Medical Device Manufacturers

6.2 Payers

7.0   Company Profiles

7.1 Abbott Laboratories (MediSense and Therasense)

7.2 AiMedics Pty Ltd.

7.3 Bayer HealthCare, Diabetes Care

7.4 Biosign Technologies Inc.

7.5 Body Media Inc.

7.6 BodyTel, Inc.

7.7 Cardiocom

7.8 DexCom Inc.

7.9 Diabetech, LP

7.10  Eyesense GmbH

7.11  Infopia USA

7.12  Integrity Applications

7.13  Johnson & Johnson (Animas Corporation and LifeScan)

7.14  Medtronic

7.15  Roche

7.16  Solianis Holding AG

7.17  US Diagnostics, Inc.

7.18  VeraLight, Inc.

Appendix: List of Major Blood Glucose Meter Brands

IDF Data about Diabetes Worldwide
IDF Data on Diabetes in the United States
Incidence of Diabetes in the United States
Use of Insulin or Oral Medication among Adults with Diagnosed Diabetes
Cost of Diabetes in the United States
An Overview of Diabetic Care Technologies and Users
Home A1C Test Kit Manufacturers and Product Offerings
Common Insulin Pumps on the Market
Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors
Common Diabetes Management Software for Blood Glucose Meters
Fitness Monitoring Devices
Corporate Wellness Program Operators
Mobile Diabetic Care Products and Applications
Diabetic Care Management Services
Diabetic Care Management Services (continued)
Blood Glucose Monitor and Test Strip Sales Forecast
Continuous Glucose Meter and Sensor Sales Forecast
Diabetic Disease Management Expenditures Forecast

Publish Date: 4Q 2008

Pages: 68

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

Authored by Harry Wang and Jane Shields
Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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