Home Area Network Solutions: Profiles and Assessments

Home controls and monitoring systems are rapidly expanding the ecosystem of products within the home area network. This report focuses on the evolution of home area network technology in the home and the cloud and efforts to achieve interoperability. It profiles both technology providers and current market participants, making sense of the numerous paths to market.

"This report provides industry leaders with insights and a clear explanation of current and future technologies and opportunities in the home area network ecosystem," said Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls and Energy Management at Parks Associates. “Gaining an understanding of the overall market for products in the home network allows companies to create forward-looking plans with confidence.”

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1.0            Introduction

1.1            Key Questions & Issues Addressed

1.2            Scope

1.3            Company Profiles

2.0            The Future Connected Home User Experience

2.1            Criteria for Success – Installation and Configuration

2.2            Criteria for Success – Operation

3.0            Internet of Things: The Technology of the Future

3.1            First Group of Converged Technologies

3.2            Second Group of Converged Technologies

3.3            Third Group of Converged Technologies

4.0            Home Area Network Technology

4.1            Z-Wave

4.2            ZigBee

4.3            IEEE 802.15.4, 15.4e, 6LowPAN, Constrained Application Protocol

4.4            DECT

4.5            Wi-Fi

4.6            HomePlug

4.7            IEEE 1901.2 Power Line Carrier

4.8            G.hn

4.9            Market Dynamics

5.0            Gateway Products

5.1            Roll of the Meter as a Gateway

5.2            How IP will Transform the Gateway

5.3            Device Association and Configuration

5.4            Local vs. Cloud Based Control

5.5            Gateway Hardware Integration

5.6            Evolution of the Gateway

6.0            Application Layer Interoperability

6.1            Interoperability Solutions - UPnP

7.0            Market Forecasts

7.1            Utilities

7.2            Professionally Monitored Security Systems

7.3            Self Monitored Security Systems

7.4            Non-Fee Based Home Area Networks

7.5            Total Home Area Network Forecast

8.0            Notes on Methodology

8.1            Data Sources


Participants Entering the Smart Grid Market
OSI Model for SEP 2.0, Home Area Networks
Ecosystem of Z-Wave and Zigbee Products
IP Protocol - Key to Interoperability
Company Profiles – Home Area Network Technology
Role of the Utility Meter in the Home Area Network
Smart Meter and Communications Solutions Manufacturers
Gateway and Home Control Platforms
Cloud-based Platform Profiles
Diffusion of Innovation Model
Households with HAN Activated Meters
Households with Integrated Monitored Security and Home Controls
Households with Self Monitored Security
Households with Network Security Cameras
Installed Base of Individual Home Area Network Systems
Forecast for Households with Home Area Networks

Publish Date: 1Q 2012

Pages: 62

Authored By:
Tom Kerber - Senior Director, IoT Strategy and Custom Research

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