Health Entertainment: Bringing the Fun to Wellness and Fitness

This report analyzes the intersection of the entertainment world with human health and well being. It defines this unique industry sector with highlights of its value chain, major players, and various business models. It also analyzes major types of hardware and services and focuses on games, mobile apps, and new-generation fitness products and platforms. The report concludes with forecasts of market growth by users and end-user revenues.

"Health entertainment is a perfect example of technology’s imprint on the science of human behavioral changes," said Harry Wang, Director of Mobile & Health Research at Parks Associates. “Technology, in the form of attractive hardware and easy-to-use software and applications, is gradually re-inventing patient engagement models and making self-care less dreadful to most patients."

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The Bottom Line

1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose of Report

1.2          Scope of Report

1.3          Research Approach

1.4          Why Fun Matters to Wellness and Fitness

1.5          Health Entertainment Market Defined

2.0          Health Entertainment: Hardware Innovations

2.1          Mobile Computing Devices

2.2          Games Consoles and Motion-Sensing Peripherals

2.3          New Generation Fitness Tracking Devices and Equipment

3.0          Health Entertainment: Software and Service Innovations

3.1          Games for Health and Wellness

3.1.1       Console and Online Games for Better Health

3.1.2       Online Health Services Using Games and Social Communications

3.1.3       Business Models and Industry Outlook

3.2          Mobile Apps for Wellness and Fitness

3.2.1       Wellness and Fitness Apps: by Numbers and Types

3.2.2       Wellness and Fitness App Developers: Business Models

4.0          Market Forecasts

4.1          Industry Growth Trajectory and Inflection Point

4.2          Forecast Methodology

4.3          Users of Health Entertainment Hardware and Services

4.4          Forecast of Health Entertainment Market Revenues

5.0          Market Implications and Recommendations

6.0          Appendix

6.1          Glossary

6.2          Index of Companies

Companies Interviewed for this Report
Consumer Motivations for Effective Personal Health Management
Health Entertainment Market Defined
Wearable Fitness Devices
Most Successful Exergame Titles
ExerGame Developers: Alternative Business Models
Case Study: Online Brain Game Operator
Profiles of Brain Game Developers
Consumer Activities on Health Portals
Consumer Interest in Online Health Activities
Social Health Portals and Social Game for Health Services
Profiles of Major Online/Social Health Portals
Major Health App Stores and App Statistics
Fitness App Features Desired: “Must Have”, “Nice to Have” & “No Value” (1)
Fitness App Features Desired: “Must Have”, “Nice to Have” & “No Value” (2)
Consumer Demand and Price Sensitivity on Fitness Apps
Leading Wellness and Fitness Apps
Health Entertainment Industry Growth Drivers and Barriers
Industry Forecast Methodology
U.S. Health Entertainment User Forecasts by Application (2010-2016)
U.S. Health Entertainment Hardware Unit and Revenue Forecasts by Device Type (2010-2016)
U.S. Health Entertainment Software and Service Revenue Forecasts (2010-2016)

Publish Date: 3Q 2012

Pages: 55

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research
Jennifer Kent - Vice President, Research

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