Home Servers and Consumer Storage: Analysis and Forecasts

This report identifies different consumer storage platforms and profiles the most representative / competitive solution providers. With the latest consumer data on intenders and early adopters, a comprehensive industry analysis, and industry forecasts, this report takes an early look at an emerging but promising home server industry.

“Current file storage solutions are not equipped to handle consumers’ ever-growing libraries of digital photos, music, and video,” Parks Associates said. “Soon the average broadband household will need close to a terabyte of storage to account for their media collections on PCs, portable devices, and DVRs. However, while storage capacity will certainly be a critical factor in purchase decisions, the industry needs to pay attention to additional features as it approaches the mass market.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Notes on Methodology

1.1 Data Sources

1.2 Definitions

2.0   Consumer Storage: An Overview

2.1 Classifying Storage Solutions

2.1.1 Network-hosted/Online Storage

2.1.2 Portable/Mobile Storage

2.1.3 Direct Attached Storage

2.1.4 Network Attached Storage

2.1.5 Home Server

3.0   Catalysts for the Home Server

3.1 Consumer Factors

3.1.1 Digital Media Use on the Rise

3.1.2 Backup and Safekeeping

3.1.3 Sharing

3.1.4 Home Networking’s Evolution beyond Just Data

3.2 Business Factors

3.2.1 Established Players Seeking New Markets

3.2.2 The Role of Service Providers: Network-hosted and Local Storage Strategies

3.3 Key Components of the Consumer Storage Experience

3.3.1 Connectivity Approaches

3.3.2 Storage Media Flash Memory

3.3.3 Home Networking Technologies

3.3.4 Software/Middleware Solutions

3.3.5 Industry-led Efforts to Create Connected Product Ecosystems

4.0   Market Forecasts

5.0   Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1 For Storage CE Companies

5.2 For Service Providers

5.3 For Technology Providers

Resource Book

1.0  Profiles

1.1 Silicon Companies

1.1.1 Broadcom

1.1.2 Marvell

1.1.3 LSI Corporation

1.1.4 Oxford Semiconductor

1.1.5 PMC-Sierra Incorporated

1.2 Disk and Memory Companies

1.2.1 Fujitsu Limited

1.2.2 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

1.2.3 Hynix

1.2.4 Intel

1.2.5 Micron Technology

1.2.6 SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd

1.2.7 Seagate Technology LLC

1.2.8 Spansion

1.2.9 SMSC

1.2.10 Toshiba

1.2.11 Western Digital

1.3 NAS Enclosure Companies

1.3.1 D-Link

1.3.2 Helios


1.3.4 Promise Technology

1.3.5 Ximeta

1.3.6 Zetera

1.3.7 ZyXEL

1.4 Network-hosted Storage

1.4.1 Allmydata.com

1.4.2 Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

1.4.3 Box.net

1.4.4 Carbonite

1.4.5 eSnips Ltd.

1.4.6 Fabrik

1.4.7 Flipdrive

1.4.8 HP Upline

1.4.9 IBackup

1.4.10 iStorage by Iomega

1.4.11 MioNet by Western Digital

1.4.12 Mozy by EMC

1.4.13 Omnidrive

1.4.14 Openomy

1.4.15 Strongspace by Joyent

1.4.16 SugarSync by Sharpcast, Inc.

1.5 Portable Software Companies

1.5.1 Buffalo

1.5.2 Fujitsu Limited

1.5.3 Fujitsu-Siemens Computers

1.5.4 HP

1.5.5 Iomega

1.5.6 LaCie

1.5.7 Philips

1.5.8 SanDisk Corporation

1.5.9 Seagate Technology LLC

1.5.10 SimpleTech by Fabrik

1.5.11 Storage Application Corporation

1.5.12 Toshiba

1.5.13 Western Digital

1.5.14 Ximeta

1.6 Direct Attached Storage Companies

1.6.1 Buffalo

1.6.2 Fujitsu-Siemens Computers

1.6.3 Hammer Storage

1.6.4 Iomega

1.6.5 LaCie

1.6.6 Philips

1.6.7 Seagate Technology LLC

1.6.8 SimpleTech by Fabrik

1.6.9 Western Digital

1.7 Network Attached Storage Companies

1.7.1 Buffalo

1.7.2 Hammer Storage

1.7.3 LaCie

1.7.4 Philips

1.7.5 Western Digital

1.8 Home Server Companies

1.8.1 Apple

1.8.2 Buffalo

1.8.3 Fujitsu-Siemens Computers

1.8.4 HP

1.8.5 Iomega

1.8.6 LaCie

1.8.7 Philips

1.8.8 Seagate Technology LLC

1.8.9 TranquilPC

1.9 Software Companies

1.9.1 Axentra

1.9.2 Digion

1.9.3 EMC

1.9.4 J. River, Inc.

1.9.5 Macrovision

1.9.6 Microsoft

1.9.7 PacketVideo by Nextwave Wireless Inc.

1.9.8 QNX Software

1.9.9 Syabas Technology Inc.

Portable Device Adoption and Usage
Use of Digital Platforms by Media Type
Network-hosted Storage Environment
Network-hosted Storage Solution for Storage Only
Network-hosted Storage Solution for Storage and Sharing
Network-hosted Storage Solution for Storage, Sharing and Social Networking
Major Digital Storage/Backup Deployments
Forecast of Annual Revenue of Broadband Service Provider-Provisioned Online Storage Services
Portable Storage Devices
Direct Attached Storage Devices
Network Attached Storage Devices
Home Server Devices
Digital Media Activities (2006 vs. 2007)
Broadband Video Activities: At Least Weekly
Total Gigabytes Used (Average) for Digital Media Storage
Households Using Place-shifting Solutions
Interest in Computer Features
How Do Internet Users Back up Documents and Content?
Important Storage Features for NAS Devices
Online Sharing Activities: Communication and Information
Important Sharing Features for NAS Devices
Data Network Growth Forecast
Defining Home Networking
Important Networking Features for NAS Devices
Willingness to Pay for a Network-Hosted Storage Solution
Home Networking Technologies
Network Media Market Share: As a Percentage of Networked Devices
Software/Middleware Providers
DLNA Vision

Publish Date: 3Q 2008

Pages: 124

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Authored by Jane Shields
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