Home Systems: Home Controls Update

This report provides in-depth analysis of the home controls market based on surveys and research of all principals in the home systems installation channel, including custom electronic systems designers / integrators, security systems integrators / installers, home builders, & consumers. It provides updated forecasts of unit sales and revenues for home controls, presented both in aggregate and in key segments including application, single-family vs. multifamily units, and new vs. existing homes.

“Activities like Best Buy’s new ConnectedLife.Home package are setting the stage for broad-based adoption of connected home systems,” said Bill Ablondi, director of home systems research for Parks Associates. “The market for home controls lacks consumer awareness, not technical capability, and the entry of high-profile companies, together with the increasing adoption of broadband and connected-entertainment services, will help overcome this hurdle.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Notes on Methodology

1.1 Sources of Data

1.2 Definitions and Descriptions

1.2.1 Components of Home Control Systems

1.2.2 Communication Protocols

2.0   Current State of the Home Controls Market

2.1 Adoption of Home Controls

2.2 Industry Structure and Key Participants

2.2.1 Technology Providers and Enablers








2.2.2 System and Device Manufacturers

Examples of Low Cost Systems Manufacturers





Selected High-end manufacturers







2.2.3 PC-based Software System Integrators

Exceptional Innovation



2.2.4 Home Systems Conglomerates

D&M Holdings





2.2.5 Distributors





2.2.6 Builders and Integrators/Installers

3.0   Analysis of Market Dynamics

3.1 Technology and Product developments

3.1.1 Proliferation of Protocols

3.1.2 Impact of IP- based systems

3.1.3 Remote Control and Monitoring Applications

3.2 Market Drivers

3.2.1 Multiple “Trojan Horses” to Ride

3.2.2 Role of Entertainment and Content Delivery

3.3 Limited Availability of Affordable Installation Services

4.0   Home Controls Forecasts

4.1 Summary

4.2 Energy Management

4.3 Entertainment

4.4 Lighting

4.5 Advanced Central Controllers

4.6 Security System Controllers

5.0   Takeaways and Recommendations

Control System Manufacturers

Technology Providers and Enablers

PC-based Software System Integrators

Home Networking System Providers

Service Providers

Security System Providers

Resource Book

Section I: Survey Data

2006 Builder Insights

Survey Overview

Survey Topics and Respondents

Home Control Systems

Channel Monitor

National Scan – 2007 Consumer Survey Results

Section II: Enabling Technologies and Standards


Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Standards Approaches

Structured Wiring

Internet Protocol Standards

Web Services for Devices

Wireless Protocols and Standards







Power Line Protocols and Standards




Universal Powerline Bus



Section III: Company Profiles

Control Systems Manufacturers

Advanced Control Technologies


CentraLite Systems

Colorado vNet


Cooper Wiring Devices


Home Automation Inc. (HAI)

iControl Networks


Leviton Manufacturing Company


Lutron Electronics Company

Powerline Control Systems (PCS)

Remote Technologies, Inc. (RTI)

Savant Systems LLC

SmartLabs, Inc.

Square D Clipsal

Vantage Controls

X-10 Ltd

Audio/Video Manufacturers

ELAN Home Systems

NetStreams LLC

Niles Audio Corporation


Section IV: Forecasts

Market Forecast Background

Basic versus Advanced Controllers

Market Forecast Considerations


Advanced Controller Methodology

Basic Controller Methodology

Data Sources

Housing Forecasts

Energy Management Controllers

Intelligent Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning Controllers

Programmable Thermostats

Entertainment Controllers

Advanced Entertainment Controllers

Universal Remote Controls

Lighting Controllers

Intelligent Lighting controllers

Basic Lighting and Appliance Controllers

Advanced Central Home Controllers

Security System Controllers

System Classifications

Market Forecasts

The Bottom Line

Home Systems Controllers

Penetration of Selected Home Systems

Percentage of New Homes Sold in 2005 with Selected Technology Amenities

Household Purchase Intensions 4Q06

Household Purchase Intensions 4Q06:  All Households vs. Those Planning to Move within the Next 12 Months

Home Systems Industry Value Chain

Selected Technology Providers and Enablers

Selected Low-cost Control Systems Providers

Selected High-end Control Systems Providers

PC-based Software Systems Integrators: Examples

D&M Holdings


Linear – A Division of Nortek

Selected Home Systems Distributors

Breakdown of New Home Builders by Number of New Starts in 2005

Percent of Homes Started in 2005 that were Custom

Forecast of Market Value of Electronic Technology Amenities Sold in New Family Residences

Forecast of Market Value of Central  Control Systems Sold in New Family Residences

Breakdown of Home Systems Integrators by Revenue

Types of Locations Operated by Home Systems Integrators

Forecast of Total High-end Home Systems Revenue through Installing Dealers

Estimated Revenues by Major Category through Installing Dealers: 2006 vs. 2010

Selected Command & Control Protocols

Most Valued Applications for a Home Network

Evolution of Home Networks

Consumer Interest in Remote Monitoring and Control

Examples of Remote Monitoring and Control Systems and Services

Number of Self-monitoring Households in the U.S. and Penetration into All Households vs. Broadband Households

Remote Self-monitoring Revenues (U.S. Only)

Multiple Paths into the Home for Control Systems

Percent of Households with Selected Devices Connected to Their Home Network

Frequency with which Owners of Portable Media Devices Connect Them to Home Stereo Systems

How Consumers with PC-CE Connections Use Those Connections

Installation Services Pyramid & Opportunity Gap

Installation Services Pyramid: Expanded

Total Controller Market: 2007 vs. 2004 Forecast

Controller Market Excluding Universal remote Controllers: 2007 vs. 2004 Forecast

Intelligent Control Systems Market

Security Controller Market

Basic Controller Market           

Total Households Adding IHVAC Controllers: New Starts vs. Existing Homes

Total Annual End-user Market Value of Programmable Thermostat Sales ($M) and Average System Selling Price ($)

Total Annual End-user Market Value of Advanced Entertainment Controller Sales ($M) to New vs. Existing Homes and Average Selling Price ($)

Total Annual End-user Market Value of Aftermarket Universal Remote Controls Sales: Standard,      Mid-level and High-end

Total Annual End-user Market Value of Intelligent Lighting Controls Sales to New Starts vs. Existing Homes

Total Annual End-user Market Value of Basic Lighting & Appliance Controller Sales ($M) and Household Penetration (%)

Total Annual End-user Market Value of Advance Central Home Controls Sales: Sales to New Starts, Replacements and Existing Homes

Total Annual End-user Market Value of Security Controller Sales: Dealer-installed, Regular & ISSC* and Do-it-yourself Systems

Breakdown of Total End-user Market Value of Security System Sales, Installation and Monitoring     for 2007

Total Potential Market for Home Management Controllers

Resource Book

Product Categories Covered in 2006 Builder Insights Survey of Home Builders

Functionality of Home Control Systems Installed by Builders

Does Consumer Demand Exist for Home Control Systems?

Importance to Builders to Integrate Selected Systems into Home Controls

Top Ten Most Widely Installed Brands of Control Systems

Why Home Buyers are Interested in Home Control Systems

Percentage of Builders Already Offering Control Systems Interested in Offering a Computer-based Control System

Product Categories Installed by Home Systems Designers/Integrators/Installers

Percentage of Home Theater Installations that Expand into Broader Home Control Projects

Estimated 2006 Revenues Through Installing Dealer Channel

Percentages of Security Dealers Installing Products

Breakdown of Security Dealers Residential revenues by Major Product Group

Percent of Security & Control Systems installed in New vs. Existing Homes in 2005

Penetration of Home Control Systems at the End of 2006

Standards and Technologies that Impact Home Controls

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Standards Approaches

What is Structured Wiring?

Structured Wiring Installations in New Housing Starts

Home Controller Forecast Methodology Summary

Advanced Controller Forecasts

Typical Basic Controller Configuration

Basic Controller Forecast Methodology

Data Sources

Total New Single Family Homes

Total Existing Households

Existing Single-family Households by Value

Penetration and Sales of IHVAC

Programmable Thermostat Sales and Penetration

U.S. End-user Market Value and Average Unit Price of Programmable Thermostats

Installed Base and Annual Sales of Advanced Entertainment Controllers

Unit Sales and Revenues of Aftermarket Universal Remote Controllers

Annual Unit Sales of Universal Remote Controllers by Category

U.S. End-user Market Value of Universal Remote Controllers by Category

Installed Base and Annual Sales of Intelligent Lighting Controllers

End-user Market Value & Average Unit Price of Intelligent Lighting Controllers

Penetration and Number of Homes with Basic Lighting and Appliance Controllers

U.S. Revenue (End-user Market Value) and Annual Sales of Basic Lighting and Appliance Controllers

High-end Central Home Controllers: Total Installed, Annual Sales, and End-user Market Value

Forecast Model for residential Security Market

Basic System Configuration

Initial Sales of Security Systems by Category

Percentage of U.S. Homes with Security Systems by Type

Average Security System Controller Price by Type

U.S. Security Controller Revenues by Type

Publish Date: 2Q 2007

Pages: 256

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