Home Systems: Home Security Update

This report provides a market update and forecasts through 2012 for the U.S. home security system marketplace. It features information and analysis on key topics including consumers and their security systems; households without security systems; security dealer volume, revenue, and trends; the major providers and manufacturers; major inhibitors and catalysts to the home security market; and innovations and trends.

“Approximately one-fourth of U.S. households have some form of security system, with about 19% monitored," said Tricia Parks, CEO, Parks Associates. "Peak unit sales occurred with the housing boom of 2005 and 2006, with a slight downturn in 2007, a deeper decline in 2008, and more of the same anticipated for 2009. Providers can ameliorate some losses with modest increases in monitoring fees.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Notes on Methodology, Sources and Definitions

1.1 Information Sources

1.2 Definitions

1.3 The Report Scope

2.0   The Current State of the Home Security Market

2.1 A Brief History

2.1.1    The Consumer Driver for Security at Home

2.1.2    2008 Security Penetration

2.1.3    Inhibitors to Adoption

2.2 Accelerants for Security Adoption

2.3 Conditions Today and In the Near Future

2.3.1    Security System Sales

2.3.2    Monitored System Conditions

3.0   Market Offerings

3.1 Examples of Traditional Security Systems

3.2 Major Market Players

3.2.1    Hardware and Monitoring Market Shares

3.2.2    The Roles of the Leaders

3.2.3    Distribution

3.2.4    The Path from the Consumer’s Dollar to the Manufacturer

4.0   Technology

5.0   Consumer Demand for Electronic Security

6.0   Security System and Monitoring Forecasts 2008-2012

7.0   Implications and Recommendations

Resource Book

1.0   Introduction to the Resource Book

2.0   Home Security Systems in 2008 and Beyond

3.0   Consumer Information about Security Systems

3.1 Security System Penetration Basics

3.2 Consumer Reported Reasons for Security – or No Security

3.3 Security System Usage

3.4 Economic Conditions and Intentions to Cancel Monitoring

4.0   Security Dealer Information

5.0   Profiles

5.1 ADT Security Services, Inc.

5.2 Brink’s Home Security

5.3 DSC

5.4 Elk Products

5.5 GE Security

5.6 Guardian Protection Services

5.7 Honeywell Security

5.8 iControl

5.9 Intamac Systems LLC

5.10  Monitronics International, Inc.

5.11  Protection One

5.12  uControl

Growth of Monitored Security in U.S. Homes 1991 - 2007
Home Security Systems in U.S. Internet Households 3Q 2008
Reasons for Lack of Interest in Security System
Crimes in the U.S. 1988-2007
2008 Security System Penetration by HH Income among Internet Households
Comparison of GDP Growth with Year to Year Net Monitored House Growth
Security System Usage in U.S. Broadband HHs (BB = ~57% ALL HHs)
Length of Security System Ownership
Top Reasons for Adopting a Security System
Security Systems Presence in Moved Homeowner Internet Households
NAHB and NAR Housing Statistics
Intentions to Cancel a Variety of Home Services
Reasons for Intentions to Cancel Monitoring Service
Intentions for CE Holiday Spending
Numbers of Keypads and Door Sensors in Internet HHs with Security
Number of Window Sensors in Internet HHs with Security
Monitoring Services beyond Burglar Alerts
Security System Hardware Brands Reported
Security System Hardware Brand Share 2007
Security System Hardware Brand Share 2007
SDM Top 10 2008
Monitoring Provider in U.S. Internet Households 2008
Security Industry Distribution Flowchart
Security Dealer Company Revenue 2006
Affiliations with Service Providers among Security Dealers
Technologies Employed in Dealer Installed Security Systems
Average Mark-up on Security Equipment
Comparing Margins across Categories
Dollar Split for Residential Home Security Market
Two Way RF Technologies for Control
Powerline Carrier Technologies
Momentum for In-Home Control Technologies
Security System Features in Internet Households vs. All U.S. HHs
2008 Installed Security System Sales by Home Value
Most Important Reasons for Intending to Adopt Security
Highest Valued Features among Current Security Owners
High Appeal Features in Non-Security Households
Residential Security Forecast Flowchart
Parks Associates History and Forecast for Housing Starts 1967-2013
Multifamily vs. Single Family Starts 2005 - 2009
Housing Starts and Rates of Security Adoption
Comparison of 2007 vs. 2008 Security System Unit Sales Forecast
Penetration of Any Security System vs. Monitored Security
Total U.S. Home Security Market Revenues 2006-2012
U.S. Home Monitoring Forecast
2008 Security Forecast – Parks Associates
Total 2008 Security System Sales
2008 Market Value for Basic Security Hardware
Dealer Installed Security System $ Market Value 2007-2012
Security and Monitored Security in U.S. Households 2006-2012
Breakout of U.S. Households by Internet Segment 4Q 2008
Broadband Penetration by Income 2005-2008
Consumer-Reported Levels of Home Security 2007 and 2008
Security System Penetration by Income
Demographics of Security Ownership
Millions of Monitored Security Households in U.S. 1991-2007
Security or No Demographics by Demographics
Reasons for Adopting a Security System
Features Available in Security Systems
Features Available in Security Systems – Con’t.
Reasons for No Interest in a Security System at Home
Reasons Intenders Report for Wanting a Security System
Security System Usage
Features with High Appeal among Security Households
4Q Intentions to Cancel Security Monitoring
Reason for Intention to Discontinue Security Monitoring Service
Likelihood of Canceling Various Monthly Services
Respondents’ Total 2006 Revenues
Locations of Security Respondents’ Installations
Security Dealers’ Role in Homeowner’s Security Hardware Decision
% of Security Dealers’ Installations in Single Family Residences
% of Security Dealers’ Installations in MDUs
Security Dealer Affiliations
Types of Affiliations among Security Dealers
Types of Systems Installed by Security Dealers
Average Mark up for Dealers on Security Components

Publish Date: 1Q 2009

Pages: 131

Authored By:
Tricia Parks - Founder

Executive Editor: Stuart Sikes
Published by Parks Associates

© January 2009 Parks Associates
Dallas, Texas 75230

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