Mobile Advertising: Analysis and Forecasts

This report examines the current mobile advertising market specific to advertisements delivered via cell phone. The report provides a market overview, highlights the major players, and details mobile ad types, placement, and costs while providing mobile advertising revenue forecasts and recommendations for future success.

“Mobile advertising is poised to take full advantage of opportunities presented by the diffusion of advanced devices such as the smartphone,” said Heather Way, research analyst, Parks Associates. “Alongside smartphone proliferation, subscriber growth to 3G network data plans will further accelerate the advancement of mobile advertising in the U.S. and abroad. Advertisers will begin to incorporate mobile into their overall media campaigns as the advertising medium matures into a viable marketing tool.”

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1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Research Approach

1.1.1    Source of Data

1.1.2    Glossary of Terms

1.2 Report Focus

2.0   Market Overview of Mobile Advertising on the Cell Phone

2.1 Current Market Overview

2.1.1    Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

2.2 Major Players in Mobile Advertising

2.2.1    Advertisers and Advertising Agencies

2.2.2    Mobile Ad Networks and Ad Servers

2.2.3    Mobile Content Providers, Application Developers, and Content Enablers

2.2.4    Mobile Operators/Carriers

2.2.5    Mobile Phone Consumer

3.0   From Advertiser to Mobile Phone Consumer

3.1 Mobile Ad Types, Pricing Models, Cost Ranges, and Metrics

3.2 Mobile Consumer Ad Recall

3.3 Mobile Advertising Experimentation

4.0   Implications and Recommendations

4.1 Drivers and Inhibitors

4.2 Recommendations

5.0   Mobile Advertising Revenue Forecast

5.1 Forecast Methodology

5.2 Forecast Assumptions and Data

Mobile Advertising Glossary of Terms
N.A., Asia, Europe: Mobile Subscriber Growth
N.A., Asia, Europe: Mobile Penetration Growth
N.A., Asia, Europe: 3G Subscriber Base Growth
Mobile Advertising Ecosystem
Market Share of AdMob Mobile Ad Requests by Region
Major Mobile Ad Networks
Major Mobile Ad Servers
Top 10 Websites Accessed Over Mobile Phones (U.S.) – October 2008
Mobile Application Stores
Mobile Phone Consumer Usage
Mobile Phone Consumer Usage in Europe
Perceived Value of Mobile Phone Features
Interest in Mobile Phone Applications
Appeal of Mobile Phone Features
Mobile Ad Networks
Mobile Ad Exposure Recall by Media Type – U.S.
Mobile Text-Message Ad Recall by Demographic and Ethnicity – U.S.
N.A., Asia-Pacific, Western Europe: Smartphone User Growth
Mobile Advertising Consumer Preference
Appeal of Ad-Supported Mobile Phone Features by Age
Mobile Advertising Revenue Forecast Methodology – N.A.
Mobile Advertising Revenue Forecast Methodology – N.A.
Advertisers Optimism Next Six Months…Online, Cable TV and Mobile
Mobile Advertising Revenue – N.A. (2008 – 2013)
Mobile Advertising Revenue by Format– N.A. (2008 – 2013)
% of Mobile Advertising Revenue by Format – N.A.

Publish Date: 2Q 2009

Pages: 63

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Authored by Heather Way
Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
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