Mobile Imaging: Platforms, Solutions, and Services

This report examines the technologies and applications for image capturing, organizing, editing, archiving, printing, and sharing on mobile phones. It draws on Parks Associates’ extensive consumer research on mobile multimedia trends and highlights monetization opportunities for handset makers and mobile carriers.

“More than fifty percent of mobile phone users have a built-in camera feature on their handsets, but only a fraction use it frequently,” said Harry Wang, Director, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates. “This mainstream feature has yet to bring significant revenues to mobile operators, and handset makers’ interest in camera feature upgrade is low. Operators should consider combining imaging applications with other mobile solutions, such as GPS and social networking, to enable value-added services that truly matter to consumers.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0         Notes on Methodology

1.1         Methodology

1.2         Scope of Report

2.0         Camera Phone Adoption and Usage

2.1         Adoption Trends

2.2         Consumer Usage and Perception

2.3         Camera Phone Shipment Forecasts

3.0         Trends in Mobile Imaging Technologies

3.1         Image Capturing Technology

3.2         Image Editing and Organizing

3.3         Transferring and Sharing

3.4         Mobile Printing Innovations

4.0         Experience-driven Mobile Imaging Applications

4.1         Document Scanning and Sharing

4.2         Mobile Barcode Scanning

4.3         Photo Sharing and Social Networking

4.4         Mobile Marketing

4.5         Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market

5.0         Forecasts and Implications

5.1         Market Implications for Handset Makers

5.2         Market Implications for Mobile Operators

5.3         Market Forecasts

Resource Book

1.0         Consumer Data

2.0         Company Profiles

2.1         Evernote

2.2         Exclaim

2.3         Juice Wireless

2.4         LogoVision Wireless/Movidity

2.5         NeoMedia Technologies

2.6         Ontela

2.7         RealEyes3D/Qipit

2.8         Scalado AB

2.9         Scanbuy

2.10       scanR

2.11       ShoZu

2.12       Snaptell

2.13       Snapture Labs LLC

2.14       SozoTek, Inc.

2.15       WiMEME

2.16       ZINK Imaging

Rising Camera Phone Ownership in U.S. Households
High-end Mobile Phones Become High-megapixel Cameras
U.S. Consumer Camera Phone Usage
Mobile Printing Behavioral Barriers
Mobile Social Networking Users and Camera Phone Usage Frequencies
Camera Phone Unit Sales and Penetration Forecast: U.S. Market
Forecast of Camera Phone Sales by Camera Quality: U.S. Market
High-megapixel Image-sensor Unit Shipments: OmniVision
Major Image-sensor Vendors and Their Technology
Mobile Image Editing and Organizing Software Providers
Low Use/Interest in Mobile Data Services Hinder Mobile Imaging Applications
Mobile Printing Applications
Mobile Document Scanner Applications
Type of Barcodes Recognized by Mobile Barcode-scanning Software
Mobile Barcode Scanning Solution Providers
Mobile Photo-sharing and Social-networking Service Providers
Forecast of Camera Phone Owners: U.S. Market
Forecast of the Number of Mobile Photos Taken: U.S. Market
Projected Number of Mobile Photos Printed: U.S. Market
Projected Revenues from Direct Mobile Imaging Application Sales: U.S. Market
Feature Penetration On Mobile Phones
Camera Phone Users’ Age
Camera Phone Users’ Gender
Camera Phone Users Marital Status
Age Comparison: General Users Vs. Users with Social Network Access
Gender Comparison: General Users Vs. Users with Social Network Access
Attending College: General Users Vs. Users with Social Network Access
Marital Status: General Users Vs. Users with Social Network Access
Camera Phone User Habits: Frequency of Taking and Printing Photos
Comparison on Number of Photos Taken: Camera Phone, Digital Camera, and Film Camera
Home Printing Methods: Camera Phone Users
Comparison on Number of Photos Printed: Camera Phone, Digital Camera, and Film Camera
Reasons for Not Printing: Camera Phone Users Who Do Not Print (1)
Reasons for Not Printing: Camera Phone Users Who Do Not Print (2)
Camera Phone Users: Frequency of Recording Videos
Camera Phone Users: Frequency of Transferring Photos
Comparison on Frequency of Taking Pictures: General Users Vs. Users with Social Network Access
Camera Phone Users with Social Network Access: Frequency of Taking, Transferring, and Sending Photos from the Phone
Comparison on Frequency of Transferring Photos: Camera Phone Users with Social Network Access Vs. with Ability to Browse Internet
Summary Table: Technologies Offered by Profiled Companies

Publish Date: 4Q 2008

Pages: 72

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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Dallas, Texas 75230

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