Mobile Services: Global Outlook

This report analyzes global mobile market trends by examining carrier subscriber growth and handset sales data. It also investigates carriers’ roadmap from 3G to 4G services and the competitive landscape in the handset market.

“The global recession talks have dimmed the mobile industry’s optimism for 2009. It will be a transitional year for sure,” said Harry Wang, Director of Health and Mobile Product Research with Parks Associates. “But after this ‘survival of the fittest’ period, the mobile industry is well-positioned to capitalize on the mobility and convergence trends in the consumer market.”

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1.0   Notes on Methodology and Report Scope

1.1 Key Questions Addressed

1.2 Source of Data

1.3 Scope of Report

2.0   Mobile Subscriber Growth and Trends

2.1 North America

2.2 Western Europe

2.3 Asia Pacific

2.4 Other Regions of the World

2.5 Mobile Subscriber Growth: Global Outlook

3.0   Mobile Revenue Trends

3.1 Mobile Voice Revenue

3.2 Mobile Data Revenue

3.3 Mobile TV Service Update

3.4 Growing Mobile Revenues: Carrier Strategies

4.0   Mobile Handset Market

4.1 Handset Market Data

4.2 Competitive Landscape

4.3 Mobile Operating System and Software Market

4.4 Mobile Handset Sales: Global Outlook

5.0   From 3G to 4G: Global Mobile Infrastructure Outlook

6.0       Market Implications and Recommendations

U.S. Mobile Operator Market Share
U.S. Prepaid Mobile Operator Market Share
Canada Mobile Operator Market Share
Western European Mobile Market Share by Countries
Western Europe Mobile Market Share by Operators
Western Europe Mobile Market Net Adds by Operators
Asia and Pacific 2008 Mobile Subscribers by Country
Japanese Mobile Subscriber Growth by Operators
Japanese 3G Mobile Subscriber Growth by Operators
South Korea Mobile Subscriber Growth by Operators
South Korea 3G Mobile Subscriber Growth and Penetration
China Mobile Subscriber Growth by Operators
Global Mobile Subscriber Forecast 2009-2013
North America Major Mobile Operators’ Voice Revenues and ARPU
Western Europe Major Mobile Operators’ Voice Revenues
Voice ARPU Trends at Telefonica Western Europe
Voice ARPU Trends at Major Mobile Operators in Asia & Pacific
Mobile Data ARPU Trends
Global Mobile TV Subscriber Forecast 2009-2013
Mobile Data Service Development Map
Monetization of Mobile Social Networking Services
Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments by Region
Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments by Technology
Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments: Smartphone vs. Basic Phone
Worldwide Smartphone Shipments by Region
Worldwide Smartphone Shipments by Brand
Global Mobile Handset Brand Market Share 2007 vs. 2008
Mobile Handset Brand Market Share by Region 2007 vs. 2008
Global Smartphone Brand Market Share 2007 vs. 2008
Mobile OS and Application Market
Global Mobile Phone Sales Forecast Methodology
Global Mobile Phone Sales Forecast 2009-2013
Global Smartphone Unit Sales Forecast 2009-2013
Worldwide 3G Subscriber Growth Forecast 2009-2013
Updates on 3G+ Network Deployment by Major Mobile Carriers

Publish Date: 2Q 2009

Pages: 54

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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Dallas, Texas 75230

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