Mobile TV: Analysis & Forecasts (Second Edition)

The mobile TV market is beginning to take shape following key events in both the U.S. and Europe. Spectrum is being allocated, technologies chosen, and services launched. This report analyzes the latest trends and how they will impact development of the mobile TV market. It also provides Parks Associates’ latest consumer data on the subject, updated forecasts, and the most current information about key players in the market.

“Much of the dust within the mobile TV world is now settling,” said John Barrett, director of research with Parks Associates. “The key technologies, markets, and players are all becoming apparent. What remains to be seen is whether consumers will watch.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Notes on Methodology

1.1 Consumer Data

1.2 Industry Data

1.3 Definitions

2.0   Overview

3.0   Technologies & Spectrum

3.1 Mobile Operator Solutions

3.2 Broadcast vs. Unicast

3.3 Satellite vs. Terrestrial Technology

3.4 Licensing

3.5 Consumer Solutions

3.6 Pay-TV Provider Solutions

3.7 Broadcast TV Solutions

4.0   Consumer Analysis of Mobile TV

4.1 Mobile Handset Features

4.2 Mobile Video Users

5.0   Mobile TV Deployments

5.1 The Technology Horse Race

5.2 Revenue Models

5.3 Content

5.4 North America

5.4.1 MediaFLO (U.S.)

5.4.2 Sprint-Nextel (U.S.)

5.4.3 Modeo (U.S.)

5.4.4 Aloha Partners (U.S.)

5.4.5 ICO Global Communications (U.S.)

5.5 Europe

5.5.1 Mobiles Fernsehen Deutschland (Germany)

5.5.2 BT Movio (U.K.)

5.5.3 Mediaset (Italy)

5.5.4 3 Italia (Italy)

5.5.5 Swisscom (Switzerland)

5.5.6 KPN (Holland)

5.5.7 Media Broadcast (Austria)

5.6 Asia

5.6.1 Terrestrial DMB Services (South Korea)

5.6.2 TU Media (South Korea)

5.6.3 OneSeg (Japan)

5.6.4 SARFT & MII (China)

6.0   Forecasts

7.0   Implications & Action Items

Resource Book

1.0   Consumer Data

1.1 Sources

1.2 Summary of Findings

1.3 Mobile phone & feature adoption

1.4 Mobile Phones with Video Capability

1.5 The Importance of Mobile Multimedia Functions

1.6 Mobile TV Handset Adoption

1.7 Mobile TV Service Adoption & Demographics

1.8 Analysis of Mobile TV Users

2.0   Company Profiles

2.1 3 Italia

2.2 Aloha Partners (Hiwire)

2.3 AT&T

2.4 BT Movio

2.5 Crown Castle International Corp.

2.6 ICO Global Communications

2.7 KPN

2.8 Mediaset

2.9 Mobile 3.0/Mobiles Fernsehen Deutschland

2.10  MobiTV

2.11  Motorola Inc.

2.12  NextWave Wireless

2.13  Nokia Corporation

2.14  Orange

2.15  Orb Networks, Inc.

2.16  Pace Micro Technology

2.17  Qualcomm/MediaFLO

2.18  Sling Media Inc.

2.19  Sony

2.20  Sprint Nextel Corp.

2.21  Swisscom

2.22  Texas Instruments

2.23  TiVo Inc.

2.24  TU Media

2.25  Verizon Wireless

2.26  Vodafone

Mobile Operator Solutions
Spectrum Availability
Familiarity with Consumer Mobile TV Solutions
Consumer Solutions
Pay-TV Solutions & Ventures
Broadcast TV Solutions
Mobile Phone Adoption
Features on Mobile Phone
Important Features for Mobile Phones
Lack of Experience with Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone Activities
Video Phone Owners: Demographics
Video Phone Owners: Education & Income
Technology Adoption by Media Activities
Technology Viewpoints
Mobile TV Services in the United States
3 Italia Mobile TV Pricing
Chinese Mobile TV Standards
Mobile TV Users by Region (2005 - 2012)
Mobile Phone Adoption
Mobile Phone: Trigger for Purchase Consideration
Mobile Phone: Importance of Purchase Factors
Important Features for Mobile Phones
Features on Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone Features by Children at Home
Video Phone Owners: Demographics
Video Phone Owners: Education & Income
Importance of Multimedia Functions on Mobile Device
Importance of Mobile TV Features by Age
Importance of Mobile TV Features by Education & Income
Importance of Mobile TV features by Home Structure
Mobile Phones: Entertainment Features
The Demographics of Mobile TV Owners
Mobile Phones: Entertainment Features by Brands
Mobile Phones: Entertainment Features by Providers
Lack of Experience with Mobile Phone
Mobile TV Usage
Mobile Phone Activities
The Demographics of Mobile TV User
Mobile TV Users by Age
Mobile TV Users: Gender
Mobile TV Users by Education
Mobile TV Users by household Income
Mobile TV Users by Children at Home
Technology Adoption by Media Activities
Consumer Electronics Adoption
Consumer Electronics Purchase Intention
Mobile Device Purchase Intention
Home Network Adoption
Video Service Subscription
Video Service Features
Home Activities
Technology Viewpoints

Publish Date: 3Q 2008

Pages: 111

Authored By:
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

© July 2008 Parks Associates
Dallas, Texas 75230

All rights reserved.  No part of this book may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the publisher.

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