Monetization of Multiscreen Video: Content Owner Strategies

This report evaluates the revenue strategies of the U.S. traditional and OTT video industries from a content producer-owner perspective. The study provides profiles of leading media companies, multiscreen video monetization trends, core business models, internal and external pressures shaping company strategy, content owner video revenue projections in the U.S. from 2011 to 2016 and strategic implications driving market growth.

“Technological advancements have proven a disruptive force in video distribution and monetization,” said Heather Way, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “The growth of on-demand video and the rise of multiscreen delivery capabilities have drastically altered how content producers-owners formulate strategies to attract and reach viewers while maintaining control on when, how, and where their video properties are consumed.”

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The Bottom Line              

Data Points

Monetization of Multiscreen Video: Content Owner Strategies Dashboard

1.0          Report Summary             

1.1          Purpose of Report          

1.2          Scope of Report              

1.3          Data Sources     

1.4          Defining the Multiscreen Video Industry

1.4.1      Glossary of Industry Terms

1.4.2      Summarizing Multiscreen Video

2.0  Multiscreen Video Market Overview: Content & Consumers

2.1          Leading Multiscreen Video Producers-Owners

2.2          Distribution Channels: Multichannel Video Service Provider

2.3          Multiscreen Video Consumption Trends

3.0  Core Multiscreen Video Business Models

3.1          Content License Fees

3.2          Advertising

4.0   Content Owner Video Revenue Forecasts in the U.S. 2011 - 2016

4.1          Forecast Methodology 

4.2          Forecast Assumptions

5.0   Key Market Implications & Recommendations

Resource Book 

Appendix A        U.S. Cable Co. Revenue Analysis 2008-2010

Appendix B            U.S. DBS & Telco TV Revenue Analysis 2008-2010

Appendix C            Netflix Revenue Analysis 2008-2010

Appendix D           Company Index

Source of Data
Glossary of Terms
Traditional & OTT Video Overview
U.S. Connected Device Households 2010-2016
U.S. Mobile Phone Users 2010-2016
Multiscreen Video Industry: Key Revenue Stakeholders
Leading U.S. Media Companies
Top Media Company Revenue Profile 2010
Time Warner Company Revenue Profile 2008-2010
News Corp. Company Revenue Profile 2008-2011
Walt Disney Video Revenue Profile 2008-2011
NBCUniversal Company Revenue Profile
CBS Corp. Company Revenue Profile 2008-2010
Viacom Media Networks Revenue Profile 2008-2011
Hulu Plus Platform Support
Hulu Company Revenue Profile 2009-2011
Video Distribution Channels
Major U.S. MVSP Video Revenue & Operating Expense to Programming Cost Ratio 2008-2010
UltraViolent Alliance Members
Consumer Interest in Purchasing a Cloud Copy of Media Content
Preferred Device to Access Cloud Copies by Video Type
Important Video Sources
Online Video Content and Frequency of Use
Television Service Preference
Television Service Preference: Demographics
Comfort Level with TV Ad Targeting Versus Willingness to Opt-in
Monetizing Multiscreen Video: Core Business Models & Key Players
Major U.S. Pay-TV Programming Cost Assessment 2010
Multiscreen Video Advertising Ecosystem
Paths to Multiscreen Video Advertising
Traditional TV and Online Video Usage to Ad Expenditure Ratio: U.S., 2010
Hulu Ad Selector
Hulu Ad Swap
Connected TV Advertising Revenue Flow
Second Screen Activities While Watching TV
Second Screen Synergies: Opportunities and Challenges
Testing Multiscreen Ad Integration: USA Network & Ford
U.S. Content Owner Video Revenue Forecast Methodology
Content Owner Video Revenues in the U.S. 2011-2016
Content Licensing Revenues in the U.S. - Traditional TV & Internet Streaming 2011-2016
Content Owner Video Advertising Revenues in the U.S. - Traditional TV & Internet Streaming 2011-2016

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