Multicultural Entertainment: Content Services for Language Groups

The United States has long been considered a “melting pot” for different global cultures, and the digital world has given cultural groups easier access to relevant content. Pay-TV operators have capitalized on cultural diversity by offering limited packages of multilingual content to customers, but Internet video has allowed consumers to access a wealth of local language content anywhere in the world. This report provides an overview of multilingual content offerings and assesses the competitive landscape for content providers to effectively reach and monetize multicultural consumers.

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1.0           Report Summary

1.1           Purpose of Report

1.2           Scope of Report

1.3           Research Approach/Sources

2.0           Multicultural and Multi-language Content

2.1           Multi-language Households

2.2           Creating Content for Second Languages

3.0           Broadcasting Multicultural Content

3.1           Trends

3.2           Implications

4.0           Pay-TV Multicultural Entertainment

4.1           Trends

4.2           Implications

5.0           Multicultural Video goes OTT

5.1           Trends

5.2           Implications

6.0           Forecast

6.1           Language-specific Pay-TV Subscribers

6.2           Culturally-specific OTT Service Subscriptions

7.0           Recommendations

7.1           Content Creators

7.2           Broadcasters

7.3           Pay-TV Operators

7.4           OTT Video Providers

8.0           Appendix

8.1           Glossary

8.2           Index

Secondary Languages Spoken in the Home
Voice Actor Costs for Television Series Dubbing
Dubbing vs. Subtitling - Advantages and Disadvantages
Subscription to a Language-specific Pay-TV Package (U.S.)
Subscription to a Language-specific Pay-TV Package (Global)
Premium Pay-TV Features
Average Monthly Cost of Home Services
Monthly Cost of Pay-TV Service
Changes to Pay-TV Service
Subscription to a Premium Sports Pay-TV Package (U.S.)
Subscription to a Premium Sports Pay-TV Package (Global)
Number of OTT Services Offering Multi-language Content
Concerns About the Amount of Video Available in 4K by Country
Penetration of Mobile and Household Broadband
Subscription OTT Adoption & Average Subscriptions per Household
Average # of OTT Video Subscriptions by Ethnic/Language Group
Language-specific Pay-TV Subscriber Forecast Methodology
Forecast: Language-specific Pay-TV Service Subscribers
Culturally-specific OTT Subscriptions Forecast Methodology
Forecast: Culturally-specific OTT Service Subscriptions

Publish Date: 3Q 2016

Pages: 55

Authored By:
Glenn Hower - Senior Analyst

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