Music to Consumers’ Ears: Next Generation Radio

This report examines the technologies and services that will shape listening habits.

“The way consumers listen to music is experiencing significant changes,” said Chris Roden, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “The XM and SIRIUS play, the emergence of HD radio, and online offerings will present new listening experiences for consumers and business models to broadcasters.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0  Notes on Methodology

1.1 Consumer Data

1.2 Definitions

2.0  “The Times They Are A-Changin’”

3.0  The Changing Radio Landscape

3.1 Satellite Radio

3.2 HD Radio

3.3 Internet Radio

4.0  The New Radio Consumer

4.1 Demographics

4.2 Home vs. Vehicle

4.3 CE Product Adoption

5.0 Implications & Recommendations

5.1 Opportunities

5.2 Forecasts

Resource Book

Section I:  U.S. Consumer Listening Habits

Section II:  The Changing Radio Landscape

Music and Television

Music and the Computer

Next Generation Radio

Section III:  Company Profiles




Directed Electronics

Clear Channel





Yahoo! Music


The Bottom Line

U.S. Satellite Radio Subscribers
XM/Sirius Merger Arguments
Satellite Radio Industry Summary
HD Radio Industry Summary
Radio Revenues and Royalties
Internet Radio Industry Summary
Demographic Trends by Next-Generation Radio Owners
Satellite Radio Listening Locations
Product Adoption
U.S. Satellite Radio Subscriber Forecast
HD Radio Unit Forecast

Resource Book

Home Activities
Home Activities – Use of Computer
Home Activities – Use of Computer Comparison
Video Activities
Interest in TV Features
Computer Activities
Computer Activities Continued
Computer – Stereo Connection.
Computer – Stereo Connection – Usage
Stereo Comparison
Satellite Radio Activities
Radio Programs
Satellite Radio Service Subscription Intent
Audiovox HD and Satellite Products
Delphi Radio Products
Directed Electronics HD and Satellite Products
Number of HD Clear Channel Stations by State
Sirius Satellite Subscribers
XM Satellite Subscriber
Worldspace Satellite Radio Subscribers

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