Next Generation DVD Players: Will History Repeat?

Next Generation DVD Players: Will History Repeat? provides detail on consumer preferences and industry support for the competing DVD formats, with analysis on market strategies and adoption and a prediction of the outcome in this standards battle.

“Purchasing or renting DVDs will continue to be a dominant way for consumers to view content,” said Parks Associates. “What has yet to be determined is which format will become the standard, HD DVD or Blu-ray? However, we are starting to see the pendulum swing slowly in one direction. Recent retail developments, support from major Hollywood studios, and inclusion of the format in the PlayStation 3 puts the Blu-ray format in the lead.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0 Notes on Methodology

1.1 Consumer Data

1.2 Definitions

2.0 Evolution of Video Formats

2.1 The Early Years

2.2 DVD

2.3 The Future

3.0 Technology Comparison

3.1 The Players

3.2 The Discs

3.3 The Software

4.0 Stakeholder Perspectives

4.1 Consumer Perspectives

4.1.1 Movie Viewing Habits

4.1.2 Confusion with High Definition Formats

4.1.3 Factors in Purchasing High-Definition Players

4.2 Studio Perspectives

4.3 Product Perspective

4.3.1 Manufacturer Support

4.3.2 The Power of the Game Console

4.4 Retail Perspective

4.5 Alternatives

4.5.1 Current Television Offerings

4.5.2 Total High-Definition Disc (THD)

4.5.3 3D Optical Data Storage

4.5.4 Forward Versatile Disc (FVD)

4.5.5 Versatile Multilayer Disc (HD VMD)

5.0 Forecasts

5.1 Who has the upper hand?

5.2 Next Generation DVD Unit and Revenue Forecast

Section I: High Definition Product Ownership High Definition Televisions High Definition Video Services

Section II: Next Generation High Definition DVD Players and Content High Definition DVD Players High Definition DVD Computer Drives Game Consoles High Definition Content

Section III: Consumer Adoption Views Movie Viewing Habits Familiarity with High Definition Formats Factors in Purchasing High Definition DVD Players

Section IV: Consumer Purchase Intentions Game Consoles High Definition DVD Players

Section VI: Company Profiles




LG Electronics

Matsushita Electric (Panasonic)







The Walt Disney Company


20th Century Fox

Universal Pictures

Warner Brothers

VCR vs. DVD Player Comparison
DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray Technology Comparison
Movie Viewing Habits
Consumer Familiarity with HD DVD and Blu-ray
HD DVD/Blu-ray vs. High-Definition DVD Player – Australia & Asia
HD DVD/Blu-ray vs. High-Definition DVD Player – Europe
HD DVD/Blu-ray vs. High-Definition DVD Player – North & South America
Factors in Selecting a High-Definition DVD Format
HD DVD and Blu-ray Studio Support
Manufacturer Support
High Definition US$ Retail Prices
Cable VoD Users and Paying Subscribers 2005-2010
IPTV Subscribers
DBS Strategies: High Definition and VoD Services
U.S. Next-Generation DVD Player Unit Forecast
U.S. Set-top Box Format Revenue Forecast

Television Ownership – Australia and Asia
Television Ownership – Europe
Television Ownership – North & South America
High Definition Video Service
HD DVD Blu-ray Player Ownership
HD DVD Blu-ray Drive Ownership
Game Console Ownership – Australia & Asia
Game Console Ownership – Europe
Game Console Ownership – North & South America
HD DVD and Xbox 360
HD DVD and Blu-ray Movies
Movie Viewing Habits
Familiarity of HD DVD and Blu-ray
Factors in Selecting a High Definition DVD Format
Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 – Australia & Asia
Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 – Europe
Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 – North & South America
HD DVD/Blu-ray vs. High Definition DVD Player – Australia & Asia
HD DVD/Blu-ray vs. High Definition DVD Player – Europe
HD DVD/Blu-ray vs. High Definition DVD Player – North & South America
Movie Viewing Habits
Dell HD Products
HP HD Products
Intel HD Products
LGE HD Products
Panasonic HD Products
Xbox HD Products
Philips HD Products
Pioneer HD Products
Samsung HD Products
Sony HD Products
Toshiba HD Products

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