North American Broadband Market Update

This report highlights current broadband market conditions, analyzes significant events impacting future development, addresses the outlook for fiber and other alternative access methods, examines the market potential of value-added services, profiles consumer perspectives regarding broadband and value-added services, and forecasts future growth.

“Competition among leading service providers has intensified, with the top four service providers owning more than 70% of the market,” said Parks Associates. “In order to compete with the cable MSOs in the long term, the two major telcos have shifted their focus from low-priced DSL services to fiber deployment, which can lead to better ARPU, higher customer loyalty, an integrated service bundle, and more advanced features.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Notes on Methodology

2.0   The Changing Dynamics of the Broadband Service Market

2.1 Narrowband Market Update – the Late Majority

2.2 Broadband Market Overview: U.S. and Canada

2.2.1 U.S.

2.2.2 Canada

2.3 Competitive Dynamics: DSL vs. Cable

2.3.1 DSL

2.3.2 Cable MSO

2.4 ARPU Analysis

2.5 Bandwidth Cost Analysis

2.6 Regional Differences

3.0   Lessons from the European Broadband Market

4.0   Fiber Deployment: Making Inroads

4.1 Introduction to Technologies: FTTP, FTTN, and FTTC

4.2 Progress Report: Verizon vs. AT&T

4.3 Cable MSOs Fighting Back

5.0   Update on Alternative Broadband Technologies

5.1 Broadband Wireless

5.1.1 Fixed Broadband Wireless

5.1.2 Mobile Broadband Wireless

5.1.3 The 700 MHz Auction

5.2 Municipal Wireless Network

5.3 Broadband Over Power Line

5.4 Satellite Broadband

6.0   Key Enabling Technologies

6.1 Fixed Mobile Convergence Technologies

6.2 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

6.3 Femtocell

6.4 The Growing Importance of Residential Gateways (RGs)

7.0   Tiered Services, Bundled Services, and VAS Services

7.1 Tiered Services

7.2 Bundled Services

7.3 VoIP Services

7.4 Value-added Services

7.4.1 Consumer Interest

7.4.2 Broadband Entertainment Services

7.4.3 Home Networking Services

7.4.4 Storage/Backup Services

7.5 The Threat of Over-the-Top Services

8.0   Market Forecasts

9.0   Market Implications and Recommendations

Resource Book

Section I:        Growth of Internet Adoption

Section II:       Demographics Analysis of Broadband Households

Section III:     Narrowband-Broadband Migration

Section IV:      Broadband Satisfaction Analysis

Satisfaction Ratings by Providers in the U.S. and Canada

Drivers for Satisfaction

Section V:       Broadband Subscribers’ Churns: a Detailed Analysis

Internet Services: Who Switched and Where They Went

A Comparison of Internet and Video Services: Who has Switched

Decision Drivers for Switching Service Providers

Those Who Plan to Move: Service Choices of Internet, Phone, and Video

Those Who Moved: Which Service Provider Did They Call First

Section VI:      Value-Added Services

Broadband Entertainment

Home Networking

Adoption and Usage of Home Network

Home Networking Services from Service Providers

Internet Security

Online Storage

Automated PC Maintenance – “the Dashboard”

Section VII:    Profiles of Cable Operators

Comcast Corporation           

Time Warner Cable, Inc.

Charter Communications, Inc.

Cablevision Systems Corp.

Cox Communications, Inc.

Rogers Communications, Inc.

Section VIII:   Profiles of Telecom Operators

AT&T Inc.

Verizon Communications, Inc.

Qwest Communications International, Inc.


Clearwire Corporation

Sprint Nextel

Bell Canada Enterprises, Inc.


The Bottom Line

Likelihood for Narrowband Users to Upgrade to a Broadband Service
Growth (Decline) of Narrowband-Only Households (1999-2010)
Subscriber Growth (Loss) of Major Narrowband Service Providers
Growth of Cable/DSL Residential Broadband Services (Q3 2005 to Q3 2007)
Market Share of Leading Broadband Service Providers
Percentage of Top Four BSP Quarterly Subscriber Gains among Industry-wide Quarterly Gains (Q3 2005 to Q3 2007)
Percentage Breakdown of Total DSL and Cable Broadband (Residential) Subscribers
Market Share By Connection Methods in Canada (2007)
Major Canadian Broadband Providers’ Subscriber Growth 2003-Q3 2007
Introductory Download Speeds from Cable MSOs: 2006 vs 2007
Quarterly Growth Rate of Cable and DSL Residential Broadband Subscribers (%)
Broadband Monthly ARPU: Dial-up, DSL, and Cable
Broadband ARPU: DSL vs. Cable Service Providers
Introductory Bandwidth Cost One MB/month: DSL vs. Cable
Cable MSOs Enjoy a Strong Lead in High-Bandwidth Services (December 2006)
Penetration of DSL and Cable Broadband among Top Ten Broadband States
Availability of DSL and Cable Modem Services among Top Ten Broadband States (Dec. 2006)
Percentage of Cable Modem Connections over Total Broadband Connections
Growth of European Broadband Penetration Rate per Capita
Interest in a Bundled Service Package
European FTTx Deployment Plans
Growth of Residential Fiber High-Speed Lines (Q4 2005 – Q3 2007)
Comparison of Different FTTx Networks
PON Technology Summary
Households Passed and Connected by Deep Fiber
Cable MSOs’ New Technologies and Standards
Cable MSOs’ Marketing Initiatives in 2007
Interest in Mobile Broadband and Monthly Expenditure Willing to Spend by Segments
700 MHz Spectrum Deployment Economics Compared to 1900 MHz and 2400 MHz
Large Muni-Wireless Plans Scaling back
Notable Utility BPL Deployments in the U.S.
Satellite Broadband Services in the U.S.
Major Voice-Centric FMC Deployments
An IMS Framework
IMS Deployments of Major Telecom Vendors
Femtocell Network Demonstration
Additional Benefits of Femtocells
Femtocell Development of Major Vendors
Residential Gateways: Broadband Service Providers
Broadband Service: Important Factors in Driving Satisfaction
Bundled Services: DSL vs. Cable in Subscriber Numbers (Q1/07)
Bundled Services: DSL vs. Cable in Percentages
Cable MSOs and Their Bundled Services
VoIP Services from Major Telecom and Cable Carriers
Additional Services Desired for a Service Bundle: Internet-based Services
Monthly Fee a Subscriber is willing to Pay for Additional Internet-Based Services
Online Entertainment Activities (Q3/2007)
Annual U.S. Revenue: Online Content Services (Millions of U.S. Dollars)
Home Network Growth
Home Network Type (Q3/07)
Home Networking Offerings: Telecom and Cable Operators
Interest in an Online Storage Solution
Forecast of U.S. Broadband Households by Access Methods (2007-2012)
Forecast of FTTx and Mobile Wireless Residential Subscribers (2007-2012)
Forecast of U.S. Broadband Service Revenue (2007-2012)

Resource Book

Internet and Broadband Adoption
Internet Penetration by Gender
Internet Penetration by Age
Internet Penetration by Education
Upgrade Internet Access (Q1/07)
Breakdown of all U.S. Households by Internet Access and Intent to Subscribe (Q1/2007)
Broadband and National Demographics: Gender Comparison
Broadband Users Among All Age Groups
Broadband and National Demographics: Income Comparison
Broadband and National Demographics: Education Comparison
Likelihood for Narrowband Users to Upgrade to a Broadband Service
U.S. Broadband Customers: Rating Satisfaction with Provider
Canadian Broadband Customers: Rating Satisfaction with Provider
High and Low Satisfaction: U.S. Broadband Carriers
High and Low Satisfaction: Canadian Broadband Carriers
Broadband Service: Important Factors in Driving Satisfaction (U.S.)
Broadband Service: Important Factors in Driving Satisfaction (Canada)
Churn by Current Internet Access Method (Q4/06)
Churn by Previous Internet Access Method (Q4/06)
How Did Voluntary Churners Churn: by Previous Internet Access Method
Moving Churners by Previous Access Methods
How Did Moving Churners Churn: by Previous Access Method
Internet Churn by Current Internet Access Method
Video Churn by Current Video Access Method
Decision Factors for Switching Internet Service Providers by Previous Access Methods
Driving Factors for Switching Internet Service Providers by Gender
Preferred Broadband Service Provider After Planned Move
Preferred Voice Service Provider After Planned Move
Preferred Video Service Provider After Planned Move
First Service Provider to Call After Moving by Previous Access Methods
First Service Provider to Call After Moving by Age
First Service Provider to Call After Moving by Gender
Number of Hours Spent on Activity
Media Activities
Penetration of Home Data Networks
Most Valuable Applications for a Home Network (U.S.)
Offered and Accepted Home Networking Offer from BSP: U.S.
Offered and Accepted Home Networking Offer from BSP: Canada
What Factors were Important in Accepting a Home Networking Offer from the Broadband ISP? (U.S.)
What Factors were Important in Accepting a Home Networking Offer from the Broadband ISP? (Canada)
Respondents Experiencing Security-related Maladies
What Internet Security Solutions are Used?
Rating Internet Providers on Responsiveness to Security Issues (U.S.)
Rating Individual Internet Providers on Responsiveness to Security Issues (U.S.)
Rating Internet Providers on Responsiveness to Security Issues (Canada)
Rating Individual Internet Providers on Responsiveness to Security Issues (Canada)
Interest in Online Storage Solution: By Weekly Multimedia Activities
Willingness to Pay for an Online Storage Solution
Frequency of PC Maintenance Functions
Interest in PC Maintenance “Dashboard”
Comcast Financial Overview
Comcast Subscriber Base
Comcast Internet Packages
Time Warner Cable Financial Overview
Time Warner Cable Subscriber Base
Time Warner Cable: Internet Packages
Charter Financial Overview
Charter Subscriber Base
Charter Internet Packages
Cablevision Financial Overview
Cablevision Subscriber Base
Cablevision Broadband Packages
Cox Financial Overview
Cox Subscriber Base
Cox High-Speed Services
Rogers Financial Overview
Rogers Subscriber Base
Rogers High-Speed Services
AT&T Financial Overview
AT&T Subscriber Base
AT&T Internet Packages with Voiceline
AT&T Internet Packages without Voiceline
Verizon Communication, Inc. Financial Overview
Verizon Communication, Inc. Subscriber Base
Verizon High-Speed Internet Packages
Qwest Financial Overview
Qwest Subscriber Base
Qwest DSL Packages
Embarq Financial Overview
Embarq Subscriber Base
Embarq DSL Packages
Clearwire Financial Overview
Clearwire Subscriber Base
Clearwire Broadband Packages
Sprint Financial Overview
Sprint Mobile Broadband Packages
Bell Canada Financial Overview
Bell Canada Subscriber Base
Bell Canada Broadband Packages
Telus Financial Overview
Telus Subscriber Base
Telus Broadband Packages

Publish Date: 1Q 2008

Pages: 177

Authored By:
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Authored by Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai and James Kuai
Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
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