Online Video and Broadband Service Provider Strategies

This report examines the key technology trends and business requirements that are shaping the market for online video services and the competitive environment driving the entry of broadband providers into this space through initiatives such as TV Everywhere. In addition, the report also discusses the consumer interest in online video services and their willingness to pay for such solutions.

“The increased penetration of connected CE is affecting the competitive ecosystem of the television industry,” said Parks Associates. “There is a danger that as consumers access video content online free-of-charge from anywhere with any device, they will start to view pay-TV services as expendable. Providers are working to head off this shift in consumer perception.”

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The Bottom Line

Online Video Services Market Dashboard

1.0   Report Focus and Summary

1.1 Burning Questions for the Online Video Market

1.2 Scope of the Report

1.3 Sources of Data

1.4 Definitions and Descriptions

1.5 Glossary of Terms

2.0   Consumer Video Services Market Analysis

2.1 Online Video – Defining Over the Top Content

2.2 Online Video – Gaining Consumer Attention and Money

2.3 Online Video Consumption – Demand Drivers and Content Sources

2.4 Online Video Implications for Video Services Value Chain

2.4.1    Broadcast Networks and Affiliates

2.4.2    Cable Networks and Pay-TV Providers

2.4.3    TV Everywhere – Business Models and the Role of Broadband Providers

TV Everywhere

Business Models and the Role of Broadband Providers

The Network Neutrality Debate

2.5 Online Video Delivery and Value Chain

2.6 Online Video – The Consumer Perspective

3.0   Technology and Trends

3.1 Security and Entitlement

3.2 Video Formats and Distribution

4.0   Market Forecasts

4.1 Market Drivers and Barriers

4.2 Forecast Methodology

5.0   Implications and Recommendations

Regulatory Authorities and Industry Consortium References
Companies Interviewed for this Report
Key Network Elements of IPTV and Online Video
IPTV and Online Video Comparison
Broadband Access Speed Forecast
Internet Video Traffic Growth Rate
Internet Video Usage among Broadband Households
Online Video Consumption
Leading Online Video Sources in the U.S.
Top Reasons for Watching TV Shows Online
Broadcaster Traditional Business Models
Year-over-Year Change in Major Broadcaster Revenues
Major Broadcaster Online Properties
Benefits and Challenges of Online Video for Broadcasters
Cable Networks and Pay-TV Provider Business Model
Year-over-Year Change in Networks' Earnings
Subscription Revenues for Leading Cable Networks
Major TV Everywhere Initiatives Launched in the U.S.
Broadband Entertainment
Online Video Delivery Value Chain
Elements of Internet Video Content and Ad Management
Leading TV Everywhere Solution Providers
High Likelihood of Cancelling Pay-TV Service
Appeal of and Willingness to Pay for a TV Everywhere Feature
SAML Protocol Flow in Web Browser SSO Application
SAML Building Blocks
Online Video Users Forecast Methodology
Broadband Households Forecast
Online Video User Forecast

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