Opportunities for Wireless & Powerline Controls

Home controls have remained largely confined to the upper strata of new home construction for decades. New approaches incorporating wireless and powerline technologies, a migration of traditional suppliers to IP-based systems and, perhaps most importantly, the entry of key market movers are driving change. This report examines the state of the market, probes technology alternatives, and sizes up the competition.

“The time for manufacturers of home appliances and control systems to take advantage of recent technological advances in wireless and powerline controls is now,” said Bill Ablondi, director of home systems research, Parks Associates. “Consumers are more comfortable with digital technology, industry giants are looking for the ‘Next Big Thing,’ and communications protocols with low implementation costs and high reliability are a reality.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Introduction & Scope of Analysis

2.0   Current State of Wireless & Powerline Control Offerings

2.1 Advantages and Disadvantages: Wireless vs. Powerline

2.1.1 Wireless Control Technologies: Functionality and Features

2.1.2 Powerline Control Technologies: Functionality and Features

2.1.3 Other Technologies

2.2 Market Momentum of Selected Wireless and Powerline Technologies

2.2.1 Perspectives from Home Systems Integrators

2.2.2 Market Positions of Selected Wireless & Powerline Technologies

3.0   Adoption of Wireless and Powerline Controls

3.1 Factors Affecting Adoption

3.2 Applications Driving Adoption

3.2.1 Energy Management

3.2.2 Entertainment Controllers

3.2.3 Lighting and Appliance Controllers

3.2.4 Remote Home Monitoring

3.2.5 Security Systems and Monitoring Services

3.2.6 Other Applications

4.0   Forecasts

4.1 Methodology and Assumptions

4.2 Forecast Summary

5.0   Takeaways and Recommendations

Resource Book

1.0   Introduction

2.0   Profiles

2.1 Home Control Companies

2.1.1 Control4

2.1.2 Cooper Industries, LTD

2.1.3 Crestron

2.1.4 Home Automation Inc.

2.1.5 iControl Networks

2.1.6 Intermatic, Inc.

2.1.7 Lagotek

2.1.8 Leviton Manufacturing Co.

2.1.9 Lutron

2.1.10 Powerline Control Systems

2.1.11 Vantage Controls

2.1.12 X10 Wireless Technology, Inc.

2.1.13 Yitran Communications, Ltd.

2.2 Alliances

2.2.1 HomePlug Powerline Alliance

2.2.2 EnOcean Alliance

2.2.3 io-homecontrol

2.2.4 INSTEON Alliance

2.2.5 LONMARK Interoperability Association

2.2.6 ZigBee Alliance

2.2.7 Z-Wave Alliance

3.0   Market Forecasts

3.1 Outline of Appendix I: Forecasts in Excel Format

3.1.1 Baseline Forecasts

3.1.2 Product Category Forecasts

3.2 Forecast Considerations, Methodology and Rationale

3.2.1 New Home Construction Forecasts

3.3 Energy Management Systems

3.4 Entertainment Controllers

3.5 Lighting and Appliance Controllers

3.6 Central Controllers

3.7 Security & Remote Home Monitoring

3.8 Other Home Controllers

The Bottom Line

Scope of Analysis
Comparison of Wireless and Powerline Technologies: Generic Attributes
Comparison of Specific Wireless Technologies
   • Lutron
   • Threshold
   • ZigBee
   • Z-Wave
Comparison of Specific Powerline Technologies
   • HomePlug Command & Control (Homeplug Powerline Alliance)
   • Insteon (SmartLabs)
   • LonWorks (Echelon)
   • Universal Powerline Bus – UPB (Powerline Control Systems)
   • X10 (X10, Ltd.)
Other Control Technologies
   • EnOcean
   • io-homecontrol
Custom Installers’ Familiarity with Selected Wireless & Powerline Control Technologies
   • ZigBee
   • Z-Wave
   • Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)
   • HomePlug Command & Control
   • LonWorks
Custom Installers’ Opinions about Selected Wireless & Powerline Control Technologies
   • ZigBee
   • Z-Wave
   • Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)
Market Positions of Selected Wireless & Powerline Technologies
Penetration of Selected Home Systems (U.S. Only)
Energy Saving Measures Taken by U.S. Households
Selected Smart Meter Deployments in the U.S.
Selected Energy Management & AMR/AMI Initiatives
   • ZigBee
   • Itron
   • Z-Wave
Unit Sales of Universal Remote Controllers by Type (U.S. Only)
Evolution of Universal Remote Controllers
Penetration of Selected Lighting Controllers into U.S. Households (2Q08)
Consumer Interest in Selected Home Monitoring Applications (U.S., Spain & Japan)
End-user Revenues for Security Systems and Monitoring Services (U.S. Only)
Total Wireless & Powerline Controller Revenues
Wireless vs. Powerline Controller Revenues
Wireless & Powerline Enabled Control Installations: Year-end Totals
Wireless Enabled Control Revenues: 2008 and 2012
Wireless Enabled Control Installations: Breakdown by Applications
Powerline Enabled Control Revenues: 2008 and 2012
Powerline Enabled Control Installations: Breakdown by Applications

Resource Book

Excel Forecast Outline: Baseline Numbers
Residential Housing Units Started: 1967 to 2007 Actual; 2008 to 2012 Projected
Residential Housing Units Started, Built and Sold: 2003 to 2012 (U.S. Only)
Multifamily vs. Single-family Housing Starts: 2005 to 2009 (U.S. Only)
Wireless & Powerline Enabled Energy Management Control Installations
Wireless Programmable Thermostats: Annual Sales & Installed Base
Wireless Programmable Thermostats: Annual Revenue & Unit Sales
Household with Smart Meters and Percentage with Wireless Controllers
Entertainment Systems: Wireless Enabled Control Installations
Universal Remote Controllers with RF Capability
URCs with RF Capability: Annual Revenues and Unit Sales
Wireless & Powerline Lighting Control Installations
Households with Basic Lighting & Appliance Controllers: % Wireless vs. % Powerline
Annual Installations of BLACs: Wireless vs. Powerline
Annual Revenues of BLACs: Wireless vs. Powerline
Advanced Central Home Controllers: Wireless vs. Powerline Enabled
Security Controllers: Wireless vs. Powerline Enabled
Number and Penetration of Households with Self-monitoring Systems
Remote Home Monitoring & Control Installations: Wireless vs. Powerline Enabled
Remote Home Monitoring & Control: % Wireless vs. % Powerline

Publish Date: 4Q 2008

Pages: 134

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