Partnering, Aggregation, and Bundling in Video Services

As the video service ecosystem continues to evolve, OTT services and pay-TV providers are increasingly looking to new business approaches, partnerships, and sales channels in order to reach paying consumers. This report explores the evolving dynamics of aggregation and bundling as well as the partnerships that are evolving in the industry. It examines the evolution of entertainment brands and profiles the leading online aggregation platforms available to video services today.

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1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose of Report

1.2          Scope of Report

1.3          Key Questions Addressed by this Research

1.4          Research Approach/Sources

2.0          Video Services Partnership Landscape

2.1          Video Services Ecosystem

2.2          Video Services Partnership Considerations

3.0          Drivers and Trends for Partnerships

3.1          Consumer Drivers

3.2          Industry Market Trends

4.0          OTT Video Aggregation

4.1          Aggregation Benefits and Challenges

4.2          Effective Aggregation

4.3          Types of Aggregators

4.4          Examples of OTT Aggregation

4.5          Potential Future Aggregators

5.0          Partnerships

5.1          Bundling Partnerships

5.2          Content-Related Partnerships

5.3          Marketing and Promotional Partnerships

5.4          Unique Partnerships

6.0          Evolution of Partnerships in Video Services

7.0          Forecast: US OTT Aggregator Subscriptions and Revenue, 2019-2024

7.1          Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

7.2          Forecast

8.0          Implications and Recommendations

9.0          Appendix

9.1          Glossary

9.2          Company Index

Video Services Ecosystem and Partnership Drivers
Overall OTT Service Subscriptions in US
Number of OTT Service Subscriptions in US
Self-Aggregator Households in US
Pay-TV vs. OTT Service Subscription
Reasons for Subscribing to Pay-TV Service
OTT Video Services Breakout in US
Subscription Uptake Beyond Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video
US Prime Video Channels Breakout
Key OTT Aggregators
Potential New Aggregators
Select Bundling Partnerships
Select Content-Related Partnerships
Select Marketing and Promotional Partnerships
Select Other Partnership Examples
US OTT Aggregator-Based Subscriptions (2019-2024)
US OTT Aggregator Revenue (2019-2024)

Publish Date: 3Q 2019

Pages: 57

Authored By:
Steve Nason - Research Director
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst

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