Leveraging Partnerships to Deliver Home Energy Management

As energy management becomes more important to utilities and consumers, the trend is driving interesting partnerships among security companies, device makers, utilities, and retailers. This report examines the emerging partnerships, the primary motivators, and the business models driving them. It also predicts the direction of future partnerships and analyzes the dominant factors dictating partnership types.

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1.0   Introduction

1.1 Key Questions & Issues Addressed

1.2 Scope

2.0   Anatomy of Partnerships

3.0   Barriers to Partnerships

3.1 Conflicting Business Motivations of Systems and Products

3.2 Conflicts between Utilities and Smart Home Vendors

4.0   Opportunities for Utilities

4.1 Pay for Performance Programs

4.2 Energy Markets

4.3 Pricing Based Demand Response

4.4 Energy Efficiency Programs

4.5 Leveraging Smart Devices

4.6 Residential Load Forecasting

4.7 Energy Modeling

4.8 Disaggregation

4.9 Energy Cost Information

4.10  Value-added Services

5.0   Opportunities for Smart Home Vendors

5.1 Price Expansion

5.2 Product Sales and Commissions

5.3 App Sales, Upgrades

5.4 Advertising

5.5 Lead Generation

5.6 Home Warranty and Performance Monitoring Services

5.7 Transaction Fees

5.8 Energy Markets

6.0   Opportunities for Builders

6.1 Bundling Energy Related Products and Services

6.2 Valuation and Underwriting Energy Efficiency

7.0   Opportunities Electric Vehicle Vendors

8.0   Conclusion

9.0   Notes on Methodology

9.1 Data Sources


Conflicting Business Motivations within the Smart Home
Familiarity with Energy Programs
Profiles of Energy Providers Using Smart Products for Demand Response
Profiles of Energy Dispatch Service Providers
Anticipated Impact of Variable Rate Plans on Electric Bill
Incentives That Increase Willingness to Adopt a Variable Rate Plan
Energy Modeling Company Profiles
Energy Savings from Different Energy Consumption Feedback Methods
Profiles of Disaggregation Company
Willingness to Purchase Exclusively Energy Related Home Monitoring Products
Energy Cost Information Company Profiles
In-App Product Sales in Whirlpool App
Options for Waiving Monthly Service Fees
Likelihood of Using In-App Purchase Capability
App Revenue Generators
OpenAPIs Expand Partnerships
Profiles of Energy Aggregators
Profile of Home Builders
Likelihood to Purchase Alternative Vehicles

Publish Date: 1Q 2014

Pages: 58

Authored By:
Tom Kerber - Senior Director, IoT Strategy and Custom Research
Maia Hinkle - Research Analyst

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