Forecasts for the Deployment of AMI and the Adoption of Energy-saving Products and Services

This report provides detailed forecasts for residential energy management solutions, presented in terms of market size and household penetration. Forecasts for systems installed in utility-based Home Area Networks (HANs) are derived separately from those installed in Independent REM Networks (iREM nets). Forecasts include those for programmable communicating thermostats, in-home energy monitoring displays, load control modules, and remote monitoring and control systems and services.

“Utility-based home area networks (HANs) represent only one of several possible paths for residential energy management solutions and services to enter the consumer market,” said Parks Associates. “In this report we provide an analysis of the market for solutions that work as part of independent (non-utility) residential energy management networks, which will grow more quickly than the HAN market over the next five years.”

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1.0   Introduction

1.1 Key Questions & Issues Addressed

1.2 Scope

1.3 Source of Data

1.4 Definitions and Acronyms

2.0   Consumer Attitudes and Opinions

2.1 Interest in Energy Saving Systems

2.2 Interest in Monitoring and Control

2.3 Interest in Smart Appliances

3.0   Utility AMI Deployments

3.1 Smart Meters

3.2 Smart Meter Forecast

3.3 Selected Home Area Network Trials

3.4 Home Area Network Forecast

3.5 Engaging the Consumer

4.0   Forecasts

4.1 Methodology Overview

4.2 Market Overview

4.3 Programmable Communicating Thermostats

4.4 In-home Displays (Electricity Consumption Monitors)

4.5 Load Control Modules

4.6 Remote Monitoring and Control Systems and Services

4.7 Control Systems Directly Related to Energy Management

4.7.1 Intelligent HVAC Controllers

4.7.2 Lighting Controls

4.7.3 Advanced Central Controls

5.0       Takeaways & Recommendations

Residential Energy Management Forecast Dashboard
Focus on Opportunities from the Meter into the Home
Definitions and Acronyms
Average Monthly Electric Bill
Consumer Interest in Lowering Energy Costs
Interest in Learning about Money-saving Products and Programs
Importance of Energy Efficient Products
Reasons for Energy Efficient Purchases
Premium Willing to Pay for Energy Efficient TV
Amount Willing to Pay to Participate in Utility Cost Savings Programs
Consumer Interest in Monitoring and Control
Willingness to pay for Energy Monitoring Service if Guaranteed 10% Savings
Interest in In-Home Electricity Monitors
Amount Willing to Pay for an Energy Monitor
Amount Willing to Pay for an Energy Monitor
Premium Willing to Pay for Smart Appliances
Forecast of Households with AMI Capable Meters
Selected Home Area Network Activities
HAN-activated Meter Forecast
Consumer Attitudes about Utilities Controlling Systems in Their Homes
Residential Energy Management Market Forecast Methodology
Households with HAN-activated Meters
Households with HANs and Independent Residential Energy Management Networks
Programmable Communicating Thermostats: Installed Base and Household Penetration
Programmable Communicating Thermostats: Annual Unit Sales and End-user Revenue
Programmable Communicating Thermostats: Installed by Network Type
In-home Displays (Electricity Monitors): Installed Base and Household Penetration
Enrollment in Utility Energy Management Programs
Load Control Modules: Installed Base and Household Penetration
Load Control Modules: Installed Base by Network Type
Self-monitoring Households & Penetration
Households Paying for Monitoring Services
Intelligent HVAC Systems: Installed Base and Household Penetration
Intelligent HVAC Controllers: New Installations and End-use Revenue
Lighting Controls: Installed Base and Household Penetration
Basic Lighting Controllers: Wireless and Powerline Installations
Lighting Controller Market Revenues: Custom Installed and Wireless & Powerline
Advanced Central Home Controllers: Installations and End-use Revenues

Publish Date: 2Q 2010

Pages: 56

Authored By:
Parks Associates - About Parks Associates

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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