Robotics: Changing the Way You Live at Home

Many futurists expect home robots will one day be as ubiquitous as TVs with use cases ranging from routine housekeeping chores to home maintenance to hazard detection to specialized medical and assisted living tasks. Using artificial intelligence (AI), robots may be able to learn from experience and learn to respond to human mood and emotions.

Robotics: Changing the Way You Live at Home covers the current status of robotics, identifies leading players in consumer robotics development, discusses applications for the connected home, and includes a five-year forecast for robotic floor cleaners.

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1.0            Report Summary

1.1            Purpose of Report

1.2            Scope of Report

1.3            Research Approach/Sources

2.0            Innovation in Commercial Robotics

3.0            The Home Robotics Landscape

4.0            The Challenges of Home Robotics

4.1            Static Versus Dynamic Environments

4.2            Mimicking Human Motion

4.3            Understanding the Environment

4.4            Consumer Acceptance

5.0            Home Robotics Use Cases

5.1            Floor Cleaning

5.2            Lawn Care

5.3            Education

5.4            Humanoids

5.5            Personal Assistants

5.6            Entertainment

5.7            Assisted Living

6.0            Forecast

Estimated Worldwide Annual Shipments of Industrial Robots
Smart Home Privacy Concerns
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Ownership by Education Level
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Ownership by Income Level
Disposable Income Distribution in China
Adoption Forecast for Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
Revenue Forecast for Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
Sales Forecast for Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Publish Date: 2Q 2015

Pages: 65

Authored By:
Barbara Kraus - Director of Research

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