Executive Brief: Sensor Technology for Home Health Applications

This report highlights the breakthroughs in sensor technology targeted for health applications and analyzes its implementation in multiple hardware platforms and service segments. Specifically, the report covers physiological sensors for vital sign monitoring, motion and utility sensors for geriatric care monitoring, and body sensor networks that offer continuous monitoring and tracking of health status of the patients. Finally the report profiles the key players in this segment.

“Smart sensor technology will play an increasingly bigger role in preventive care and home health monitoring services,” said Harry Wang, Senior Analyst with Parks Associates. “While technology vendors are closely examining market opportunities in various care delivery segments, they are also keenly working on improve the performance and reliability of the technology itself.”

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1.0   Executive Summary

2.0   The Development Trends for Physiological Sensors

2.1 ECG Sensor

2.2 SpO2 Sensor

2.3 Glucose Sensors

2.4 Respiration Rate Sensor

2.5 Body Sensor Network

3.0   The Market for Motion and Environment Sensors for Senior Care

3.1 Technology Overview

3.2 Applications and Services

3.3 Industry Drivers and Barriers

4.0   Forecasts, Implications, and Recommendations

4.1 Market Demand Forecast

4.2 Implications and Recommendations

Appendix A: Profiles of Selected Companies

Animas Corporation

AWare Technologies

Body Media Inc.

Criticare Systems, Inc.

DexCom Inc.

FitSense Technology


Nonin Medical, Inc.

Masimo Corporation

Polar Electro

Living Independently Group, Inc.


Orbital Research, Inc.

Sensirion AG

Vigil Health Solutions

ECG Sensor Development Trends
Pulse Oximetry Solutions from Leading Vendors
Advances in Glucose Sensor Technology & New Approaches for Diabetic Care
Body Sensor Network Technology Choices
Body Sensor Network Initiatives
Sensor Types for Senior Care
Trends in Motion and Environment Sensor Design
Senior Care Monitoring (Telecare) Market: Provider Highlights
Size of Market for Sensor-based Senior Home Care Services (2006-2012)

Publish Date: 4Q 2007

Pages: 56

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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