Service Providers and Support Services: Analysis and Forecasts

This report analyzes how broadband providers are building support capabilities, provides an overview of the key services being offered, and discusses the role of support businesses in the context of revenue creation, profitability, and customer retention. It also provides primary consumer data and includes forecasts for different categories of premium technical support services through 2014.

"Digital home tech support services provide an opportunity for service providers to more proactively address customer support issues that will grow as the digital home increases in complexity,” said Kurt Scherf, vice president and principal analyst with Parks Associates. “As consumers grapple with evermore complex digital home technology headaches, ‘DIY’ is quickly becoming ‘do-if-for-me,’ which opens up significant opportunity for many players.”

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The Bottom Line

Service Providers and Support Services Dashboard

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Terms and Definitions

1.3 Data Sources

1.4 Companies Briefed

2.0   The Support Environment Today

2.1 The Challenge of Customer Support

2.2 Consumers and Tech Support

2.3 Service Providers and Connected Home: Key Solutions

2.3.1    Remote Management



Allied Telesis







FinePoint Technologies




Pirelli Broadband Solutions

Telco Systems



Zhone Technologies


2.3.2    Device Management

Cisco HNAP



2.3.3    Installation and Configuration Tools


Cisco (Pure Networks)

Enure Networks

SingleClick Systems

3.0   Premium Technical Support Services

3.1 The Service Provider Value-added Services Push

3.2 Premium Support Services

3.2.1    Managed Internet Security and Parental Controls




3.2.2    Online Backup





3.2.2    Premium Technical Support






4.0   Forecasts

4.1 Internet Security Subscriptions

4.2 Online Backup

4.3 Home Computer and Home Networking Services

4.3.1    Home Computer Troubleshooting

4.3.2    Home Computer Tune-up

5.0    Implications and Recommendations

Broadband Service Providers Contacted for Tech Support
Broadband Service Providers: Call Center Metrics
Customer Support Costs: Broadband Service Providers and Home Networks
Technical Support for Home Services
Technical Problem with Broadband Service
First Step in Resolving Home Broadband Problem
Broadband: Last Step in Resolution Process
Broadband: Type of Problem and Last Step
Broadband: Number of Attempts vs. Problems
Broadband: Number of Minutes vs. Problem
Broadband: Satisfaction with Process vs. Last Step
Operational Savings Realized with Service and Device Management System
Remote Management Features
Notable Remote Management Solutions Vendors
BroadbandHome™ Remote Management Framework
Additional Device Management Solutions
Home Network Installation and Configuration Tools
Service Provider Strategic Considerations
Technical Support & Broadband Satisfaction
Trusted Tech Service Sources
Consumer Attitudes about Internet Security Threats
Internet Security & Parental Control Providers
Interest in Managed Security and Parental Control Features
Demographic Profiles of Consumers Interested in Managed Internet Security and Parental Controls
Reasons for Not Using Additional Security Services
Internet Security Vendors and Service Providers
Consumer Attitudes about Media
Data Backup Habits
How Do Consumers Backup Content?
Broadband Service Providers and Online Backup
Interest in Online Backup from Broadband Provider
Demographic Profiles of Consumers Interested in Online Backup
White-label Online Storage Solutions Providers
Sizing the Potential for Tech Support Services
Sizing the Potential for Tech Support Services
Demographic Profiles of Consumers Interested in Tech Support
For What Problems Would Consumers Seek Premium Tech Support?
Preferred Channel for the Delivery of Tech Support
Daily Call Volume Breakout: Remote Support Vendors
Remote Support Resolution Success Rate
Notable U.S. Broadband Premium Tech Support Services
Notable Canadian Broadband Premium Tech Support Services
Notable European Broadband Premium Tech Support Services
Preference of Tech Support Service Models
White-label Remote Tech Support Solutions Providers
Internet Security Forecast
Internet Security Forecast
Computer Services Forecast
Customer Support Lifecycle

Publish Date: 2Q 2010

Pages: 62

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