Smart Home: Multidwelling Unit Opportunities

As the smart home ecosystem expands, user experience must remain simple and straightforward. This report assesses how the smart home is expanding beyond lights, locks, and thermostats to include adjacencies such as bedding, wearables, and appliances, enhancing product value and consumer experiences. It also analyzes the decision making processes for different channels to broaden the ecosystem and the long term implications.

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1.0      Report Summary

1.1      Purpose of Report

1.2      Key Questions Addressed by this Research

1.3      Research Approach/Sources

2.0      State of the Market

2.1      The MDU Resident and the Smart Home

3.0      Business Model Strategies

3.1      Targets

3.2      Product Offering for Property Managers

3.3      Key Market Player Offering

3.4      Opportunities

4.0      Market Offering and Opportunities for MDU Residents

5.0      Market Challenges

5.1      Integration

5.2      Security and Privacy Issues

5.3      New Technical Support Needs

5.4      Challenges with Wi-Fi

6.0      Forecast

6.1      Forecast Methodology

6.2      Forecast

7.0      Implications and Recommendations

8.0      Appendix

8.1      Glossary

8.2      Index

8.3      Image Sources

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Multi-family Consumer Spending by US City (2016 -- 201*)
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Familiarity with Top Five Smart Home Devices (Q4/18)
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Smart Home Device Features for Property Managers
High Importance of Having Smart Home Device Installed in House by Demographics
MDU Resident: Willingness to Pay More for Smart Home (Q4/18)
Company Offerings – MDU Smart Home Solutions
Smart Home Device Features for MDU Residents
Company Offerings – MDU Smart Home Solutions
Smart Thermostat - Highly Important Product Capabilities by MDU Ownership (Q4/18)
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Smart Speaker - Highly Important Product Capabilities by MDU Ownership (Q4/18)
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Smart Home Devices: Types of Problems Experienced (Q2/2019)
Network Monitoring Providers - Premium Smart Home Support Services
Forecast Methodology MDU Adoption of Smart Home Devices
US MDU Households Smart Home Device Adoption

Publish Date: 2Q 2019

Pages: 49

Authored By:
Patrice Samuels - Senior Analyst

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