Smart Home: A Roadmap for Strategic Planning

The smart home is evolving along multiple dimensions, shifting the competitive landscape for product manufacturers and smart home service providers. As the market shifts, the value chain will be dramatically impacted. This report provides an overview of forces driving change and innovation in the smart home, the impact on the value chain for smart home solution providers, and recommendations to achieve long-term success.

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1.0         Report Summary

1.1         Purpose of Report

1.2         Scope of Report

1.3         Research Approach/Sources

2.0         Smart Home Systems Market

2.1         Smart Home Definitions

2.2         Smart Home Strategies

3.0         Lead Product Strategy

3.1         Security

3.2         Smart Home

4.0         Product Breadth

4.1         Entertainment

4.2         Energy

4.3         Health

4.4         Kitchen

5.0         Ecosystem Development Strategy

5.1         Open

5.2         Curated

6.0         Value Chain Integration Strategy

6.1         Vertically Integrated System

6.2         Bundled Component Solution

7.0         Smart Home Controller Strategy

7.1         Standalone Smart Home Controller

7.2         Embedded Smart Home Controller

7.3         Distributed Intelligence

8.0         Smart Home Platform Strategy

8.1         Changing Role of Smart Home Platforms

8.2         Sensor Fusion

8.3         System Monitoring and Control

8.4         Third-Party Integration

8.5         Integration of Software Components

8.6         User Experience

9.0         Market Forecasts

9.1         Market Drivers and Barriers

9.2         Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

9.3         Forecast of Smart Home Controls 2015 – 2020

10.0       Recommendations

11.0       Appendix

11.1       Profiles

11.2       Security-Based Players

11.2.1 (Q3 2016)

11.2.2     Verisure Securitas Direct (Q3 2016)

11.3       Vertically Integrated Players

11.3.1     AT&T Digital Life (Q3 2016)

11.3.2     Vivint (Q3 2016)

11.3.3     Comcast Xfinity (Q3 2016)

11.4       Open Ecosystem Players

11.4.1     Samsung SmartThings (Q3 2016)

11.4.2     People Power (Q3 2016)

11.4.3     Centralite (Q3 2016)

11.4.4     MiOS (Q3 2016)

11.5       Curated Ecosystem Players

11.5.1     Essence Group (Q3 2016)

11.5.2     Ingersoll Rand – Nexia (Q3 2016)

11.5.3     Zonoff (Q3 2016)

11.6       Separate Smart Home Controller Players

11.6.1     ROC-Connect (Q3 2016)

11.7       Glossary

11.8       Company Index

Companies Researched or Interviewed
Smart Home Market Overview
Smart Home Strategy Layout
Presence of Smart Home Controller by Household Demographic
Types of Functioning Security Systems
Comcast Keynote Presentation at CONNECTIONS™ 2016
Business Model Options
Strengths and Weaknesses in Product Strategy Approaches
Smart TV Adoption and Internet Connection Rate
Energy-Saving Actions
Health Management Challenges
Strengths and Weaknesses of Ecosystem Strategies
Strengths and Weaknesses in Integration Strategy Approaches
Pros and Cons of Smart Home Controller Strategies
Shift in Smart Home Platform Differentiator Value
System Monitoring and Control Example
Smart Home/Smart Product Familiarity
Forecast Flowchart of U.S. Smart Home Controller Unit Sales
Forecast Flowchart of U.S. Smart Home Controller and Services Revenue
Forecast—Smart Home Controller Unit Sales by Channel (2015-2020)
Forecast—Adoption of Smart Home Controllers (2015-2020)

Publish Date: 4Q 2016

Pages: 69

Authored By:
Tom Kerber - Senior Director, IoT Strategy and Custom Research
Dina Abdelrazik - Contributing Analyst

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