Smart Lighting Landscape for the Connected Home

Smart lighting for connected homes offers enhanced ambience, entertainment, energy, security, safety, and even health benefits. This report examines the smart lighting ecosystem of products and services for the connected home with attention to four industry segments: standalone lighting systems, lighting systems for self-installed home control platforms, lighting systems for interactive security services, and custom installed lighting for whole home systems. It addresses key industry players, market drivers, and industry trends in lighting devices and systems and provides five-year forecasts for selected smart lighting devices.

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1.0         Report Summary

1.1         Purpose of Report

1.2         Scope of Report

1.3         Research Approach/Sources

2.0         Smart Home Lighting Ecosystem

2.1         Key Terms and Definitions

2.2         Smart Lighting Components and Control Options

2.3         Smart Home Lighting Ecosystem Trends

3.0         Smart Lighting: Standalone Devices and Systems

3.1         How They Work

3.2         Product Comparisons

3.3         Drivers and Barriers

3.4         Key Players and Company Profiles

4.0         Smart Lighting: Home Control Platforms

4.1         How They Work

4.2         Drivers and Barriers

4.3         Key Players and Company Profiles

5.0         Smart Lighting: Interactive Security Services

5.1         How They Work

5.2         Product Comparisons

5.3         Drivers and Barriers

5.4         Key Players and Company Profiles

6.0         Smart Lighting: Custom Home Control Systems

6.1         How They Work

6.2         Product and Services Overview

6.3         Drivers and Barriers

6.4         Key Players and Company Profiles

7.0         Adoption, Purchase, and Sales Channels

8.0         Market Forecast

8.1         Forecast Methodology

8.2         Forecasts

9.0         Implications and Recommendations

10.0       Appendix

10.1       Lighting Form Factor, Base, and Color Charts

10.2       Glossary

10.3       Index

10.4       Image Sources

Companies Researched for Report
Lighting Terms and Definitions
Smart Lighting Control Options
Smart Home Lighting Ecosystem
Product Comparison: Smart Lighting Starter Kits
Company Profiles: Philips Lighting and OSRAM Sylvania
Product Comparisons: Smart Lighting for Home Control Platforms
Company Profiles: Samsung SmartThings and Insteon
Product Comparison: Lighting for Interactive Security Services
Company Profiles: ADT Pulse and Xfinity Home
Average Total Revenue of Installed Lighting Control Systems (2014 – 2015)
Product Overview: Lutron, Control4, Crestron
Company Profiles: Lutron and Control4
Smart Lighting Device Purchase, Adoption, and Intention
Smart Lighting Device Purchase Channels
Smart Light Bulbs: Purchase Channel by Age
Smart Lighting Devices: Standalone vs. System
Forecast Methodology
Forecast: Smart Light Bulbs by Region (2016 – 2020)
Forecast: Smart Light Outlets, Switches, and Dimmers by Region (2016 – 2020)
Forecast: Smart Plugs/Adapter Modules by Region (2016 – 2020)
Light Bulb Base Sizes –
Bulb Shape –
Color Temperature Chart – Westinghouse Lighting

Publish Date: 3Q 2016

Pages: 62

Authored By:
Brad Russell - Research Director, Connected Home

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