Smartphone: King of Convergence

This report analyzes the booming smartphone market from industry and consumer perspectives. Topics include smartphone sales and market shares, feature trends, carrier strategies, new mobile applications and services, and technology trends that could reshape the mobile world in the future. The report concludes with a five-year outlook of smartphone sales and analyst’s view of its role in consumers’ digital life.

“Smartphone ownership among U.S. broadband households jumped to 28% in 2009, compared with 9% in 2007 prior to iPhone’s launch,” said Harry Wang, Director of Health and Mobile Product Research at Parks Associates. Booming smartphone sales have shaken up the mobile world and redefined the mobile lifestyle by inspiring consumers to seek new uses and applications while on the go. We expect smartphone sales to continue to increase significantly over the next five years. By then, smartphones will become a major force blurring the line between the home and the mobile.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach

1.3.1    Sources of Information

1.3.2    Definitions and Classifications

2.0   Smartphone Market Overview

2.1 Industry Growth and Background

2.2 Major Smartphone Brands and Market Performance

2.2.1    Product Features and Functions

2.2.2    Market Share and Competitive Trends

2.2.3    Handset Manufacturers’ Carrier Strategy

2.3 Mobile Carriers’ Smartphone Strategy

2.3.1    Smartphone and Data Usage

2.3.2    Mobile App Stores and Carrier Strategy

2.3.3    Emerging Mobile Applications

2.4 Consumer Data on Smartphone Usage and Preferences

2.4.1    Smartphone User Segments

2.4.2    Preferred Smartphone Features and Functions

2.5 Emerging Players in the Mobile Ecosystems

2.5.1    Mobile Solution Enablers

2.5.2    Mobile Application Integrators

2.5.3    Mobile Billing/Payment Technology Providers

3.0   Technology Analysis

3.1 The Operating System Market for Smartphone

3.2 Multi-Radio Integration

3.3 4G Wireless Deployment Status

4.0   Market Forecasts

4.1 Market Drivers and Barriers

4.2 Forecast Methodology

4.3 Sources of Information

4.4 Smartphone Sales Forecasts: Five-year Projection

5.0   Market Implications and Recommendations

U.S. Smartphone Penetration
North America and Worldwide Smartphone Shipments
Smartphone Shipment Volume by Region
Major Smartphone Model’s Launch Statistics and Estimated Sales
Key Selling Features and Target User Groups: Selected Brands & Models
Smartphone Market Shares and Shipments by Brands
Smartphone Manufacturers’ Competitive Strategies
Mobile App Store by Smartphone Brand
Smartphone User Data Plan Adoption by Service Types
Carriers Data Plan Pricing Strategies and Initiatives
Smartphone Household’s Interest in Fixed-Mobile Applications
Mobile Carriers’ App Store Initiatives
Mobile Social Networks’ Business Models
Mobile LBS Content and Service Providers
Mobile Gaming Companies Benefiting from the Smartphone Platform
Mobile Multimedia Companies Benefiting from the Smartphone Platform
Smartphone User Segments
Smartphone User Segment Attributes
Smartphone High Intenders’ Demographics
Smartphone High Intenders’ Interest in Handset Features
Smartphone High Intenders’ Interest in Handset Capabilities
Major Mobile Solution Enablers: Opera, Packet Video, SlingMedia, Adobe
Profiles of Mobile Application Integrators
Profiles of Mobile Billing/Payment Solution Providers
U.S. Consumers’ Mobile Operating System Preferences
Reasons for Choosing iPhone, Blackberry, and Android OS
Smartphone Owners’ Interest in Android OS by Their Brand
Global Mobile Carriers’ LTE Deployment Plans and Status
Global Mobile Phone Sales Forecast Methodology
List of Companies Interviewed
Worldwide Smartphone Unit Sales Forecasts 2009-2014
Worldwide Smartphone User Forecasts 2009-2014

Publish Date: 2Q 2010

Pages: 62

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

Published by Parks Associates

© March 2010 Parks Associates
Dallas, Texas 75230

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