Smartphone: King of Convergence (Second Edition)

This report updates Parks Associates’ smartphone research using the latest market data and consumer survey results. Topics covered include smartphone sales and market shares, feature trends, new mobile applications and services, and smartphone adoption among enterprise customers and consumers. The report concludes with a five-year forecast of smartphone unit sales and smartphone users.

"Smartphone penetration jumped another 9% in the U.S. from 3Q09 to 3Q10, and Google’s Android OS benefited most from consumers’ demand for smartphones. Global demand for smartphones has been phenomenal,” said Harry Wang, Director of Health and Mobile Product Research at Parks Associates. ”This new mobile computing platform has opened up endless business opportunities for carriers, app developers, and content distributors.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0            Report Summary

1.1            Purpose of Report

1.2            Scope of Report

1.3            Research Approach

2.0            Smartphone Market Overview

2.1            Global Smartphone Growth and Key Trends

2.2            Major Smartphone Brands and Market Performance

2.2.1        Smartphone Features and Functions

2.2.2        Market Share by Brands and Operating Systems

2.2.3        Mobile App Stores and Revenues

2.3            Mobile Carriers’ Smartphone Strategy

2.3.1        Smartphone and Data Plan Usage

2.3.2        Carriers’ Mobile App Store Strategies

2.3.3        Smartphone Adoption in the Enterprise Market

2.4            Consumer Data on Smartphone Usage and Preferences

2.5            Emerging Functions on Smartphones

2.5.1        Video Calling/Video Conferencing

2.5.2        Mobile Multimedia Entertainment

2.5.3        Mobile Commerce and Location-based Services (LBS)

3.0            Market Forecasts

3.1            Market Drivers and Barriers

3.2            Forecast Methodology

3.3            Sources of Information

3.4            Five-year Projection of Smartphone Sales and Users

4.0            Market Implications and Recommendations

Smartphone Features and Functions
Smartphone Manufacturer Market Shares (U.S. and Global)
App Spending on Different Smartphone OS Platforms
2010 Smartphone Operating System Market Share (U.S. and Global)
Smartphone Operating System Market Share by Installed Base (U.S./2010)
Consumer Attitudes Towards Apps
Major App Store Initiatives
Mobile Application Ecosystem
Amount Spent Downloading Mobile Apps by Smartphone Users
Smartphones Help Drive Mobile ARPU Growth
Data Plan Pricing and Policies
Consumers’ Preferred Mobile Data Pricing Plans
Mobile Carriers’ App Development Efforts and App Store Initiatives
Specs Release Roadmap for WAC
Interest in Emerging Mobile Apps
Mobile Feature Access Methods: Browser vs. Apps
Reasons Smartphone Users Prefer Apps over Mobile Browsers
Interest in Capabilities in Next Mobile Phone
Mobile Video Calling App Developers
Appeal of Mobile Video Services on Mobile Phones
Mobile Media Distributor Profiles
Mobile Gaming Company Profiles
Location-Based Service Platforms with Integration of Social Media, Commerce, and Advertising
Preferred Billing Method for Mobile Services
Global Smartphone Sales Forecast Methodology
Global Smartphone Unit Sales Forecast (2010-2015)
Global Smartphone User Forecast (2010-2015)

Publish Date: 2Q 2011

Pages: 60

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research
Jennifer Kent - Vice President, Research

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Dallas, Texas 75230

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