Services and Support for the Virtual Worker

Services and Support for the Virtual Worker examines the adoption and use of products and services by telecommuters. The report explores the primary reasons for telecommuting and analyzes the challenges and support needs of various types of telecommuters. It also assesses the market size and forecasts the revenue opportunity for providing various technical services in this market.

“Advancements in broadband service delivery and innovation in digital communication have allowed employees to increase productivity while away from physical places of employment,” said Patrice Samuels, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “Telecommuting is a growing practice, which is creating opportunities for technical services, including data collaboration, network security, and technical support.”

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The Bottom Line


1.0              Report Summary

1.1              Purpose and Scope of the Report

1.2              Data Sources

2.0              Telecommuting

3.0              IT Profiles of Consumers’ Homes

3.1              Device Adoption and Use

3.1.1           Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

3.1.2           Mobile Device Management (MDM)

4.0              Service Adoption and Use

4.1              Broadband

4.1.1           Virtual Private Network (VPN)

4.2              Other Services

4.2.1           Online Back-up and Storage

4.2.2           Technical Support

5.0              Small and Medium-sized Business

6.0              Forecast

6.1              Technical Support Services

6.2              Online Storage

6.3              Total Revenue

7.0              Conclusions and Recommendation



Frequency of Telecommuting (Q1/13)
Reason for Telecommuting by Frequency of Telecommuting
Devices in Home Office by Frequency of Telecommuting (Q1/13)
Employer Provided Device in Home Office by Frequency of Telecommuting Q1/13
Examples of MDM Solutions and Services
Forecast Broadband Penetration U.S. Households
United States Internet Speeds
Employer-provided Broadband Services in Home Office (Q1/13)
United States Usage-based Pricing Tiers by Provider
Services Used in the Home Office by Frequency of Telecommuting
Employer-Provided Services in the Home Office by Frequency of Telecommuting (Q1/13)
Important Cloud Storage Features (Q3/11)
Online Storage Service by Number of Employer-Provided Devices in the Home Office (Q1/13)
Top Five Problems Experienced with Devices
Technical Support Service by Number of Devices in Home Office (Q1/13)
Technical Support Service by Number of Employer-Provided
Telecommuters: Who Pays for Support Services (Q1/13)?
Interest in New Technical Support Services
Approximate Number of Employees Working From Home by SMB size (Q4/12)
Annual Amount Spent on Technical Support by SMB Size (Q4/12)
Technical Support by SMB Size
Computers and Printers in Use at SMBs
Number of Interested Technical Support Services by SMB Size
Interest in New Service Features - Top 10 (Q4/12)
Forecast Methodology -- Technical Support Revenue
Total Revenue – Technical Support Services
Forecast Methodology -- Online Storage Subscriptions
Annual Revenue Online Storage Subscriptions
Total Revenue -- Support Services for Telecommuters

Publish Date: 4Q 2013

Pages: 54

Authored By:
Patrice Samuels - Sr. Manager, Market Research

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