Tablets: Disrupting Mobile Computing and the Digital Home

This report examines the tablet market and ecosystem using the latest market data, consumer analytics, and briefings with key industry players. The report analyzes the tablet’s impact on adjacent CE markets and explores in-depth the components, capabilities and services that drive tablet adoption and use.

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1.0              Report Summary

1.1              Purpose of Report

1.2              Scope of Report

1.3              Research Approach

2.0              The Tablet Market

2.1              Global Tablet Adoption

2.2              Tablet Brands and Market Performance

2.3              Tablet Operating Systems and Market Performance

2.4              The Tablet Value Chain: Components and Distribution

2.4.1           Trends in SoC Design

2.4.2           Trends in Screen Technology

2.4.3           Tablet Distribution Channels and Data Plans

3.0              Customer Perspectives

3.1              Tablet Ownership and Purchase Intentions

3.2              Tablet Usage Trends

3.3              Tablet Differentiation and Cannibalization

4.0              Industry Perspectives

4.1              TV and Video

4.2              Gaming

4.3              Digital Publishing

4.4              Health Management

4.5              Home Management

5.0              Market Forecasts

5.1              Drivers and Barriers

5.2              Methodology

5.3              Five-Year Projection of Global Tablet Adoption and Sales

6.0              Market Implications and Recommendations

7.0              Appendix

7.1              Glossary

7.2              Company Index

Companies Interviewed or Researched for Report
Tablet Adoption among U.S. Broadband Households, 2010-2013
Tablet Adoption among European Households
Tablet Market Share: Apple vs. 'The Rest'
Tablet OEM Market Share: 2012-2012
Tablet Brand Features and Pricing
Tablet OS Market Share: 2010-2012
Tablet SoC Designer Profiles
Selected Tablet Models' Screen Size and Pricing
Tablet Purchase Location: Online vs. Retail
Tablet Purchase Location: Retail Stores
Mobile Carrier Tablet Models and Data Plans
Tablet Internet Access
Tablet Ownership by Age: 2011 vs. 2013
Tablet Holiday Purchase Intentions, 2010-2012
2012 Tablet Purchases: New, Additional, Replacement
Tablet Usage: Media, Social, Info
Frequency of Tablet Activities
Preferred Device Platforms for Digital Activities
Second Screen Tablet Apps
CE Device Ownership Index, 2010-2013
CE Device Adoption Among Tablet Users
CE Device Purchases, 2010-2012
iPad Mini Cannibalization
TV Everywhere Services
Preferred Method of Accessing Health Info
Preferred Platform to Manage/Monitor Home Appliances
U.S. Tablet Forecast Model - Penetration
Global Tablet Penetration Forecast: 2013-2017
Global Tablet Sales Forecast: 2013-2017
Global Tablet Sales: Channels, Connectivity, and Customer Types

Publish Date: 3Q 2013

Pages: 60

Authored By:
Jennifer Kent - Vice President, Research

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