Tech Support: Meeting IoT Demands

This report highlights the impact of IoT on broadband households and the connected consumer, including the added complexities, increase in bandwidth demands, and new security and privacy concerns. It examines how technical support services, tools, and business models should evolve in order to meet the new demands of IoT. The report includes a forecast for the support of emerging devices in U.S. households.

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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Scope of Report

1.3        Research Approach/Sources

2.0        Broadband Household IoT Adoption

2.1        Factors Driving IoT Development and Adoption

3.0        Implications of New Devices Entering the Home

3.1        Increase in Technical Problems

3.2        Addressing Growing Home Networks

3.2.1    Autonomous resolution of routine device and network problems

3.2.2    Knowledge Management Solutions

3.2.3    Extensible Support Tools

3.2.4    Consumer Education

3.3        Increased Complexity

3.3.1    Onboarding

3.3.2    Ongoing Enablement

4.0        Security and Privacy

5.0        Forecast

5.1        Forecast Methodology

5.2        Forecast

6.0        Implications and Recommendations

7.0        Appendix

7.1        Glossary

7.2        Index

Penetration Rates and Purchase Intentions – Computing and Entertainment Devices
Penetration Rates and Purchase Intentions – Smart Home and Connected Healthcare devices
Number of Technical Problems Experienced by Number of CE Devices Owned (Q3/14)
Technology Adoption Lifecycle
Device Problems across Technology Lifecycle
Common Problems with Connected Devices
Average Number of Device Problems per BB HH
Smart Home Devices: Technical Problems Experienced (Q3/14)
Smart Home Device Problems 2013 Versus 2015
Method of CE Device Setup (Q3/14)
Method of Device Setup (Q1/15)
Self-Installation of Stand-Alone Smart Home Devices (Q3/14)
Self-Installation of Independent Home Control System (2014)
Smart Home Devices as System or Stand-alone Device (Q2/14)
Concerns about Unauthorized Access and Historical Data among Device Owners (Q2/14)
Smart Home Privacy Concerns (Q2/14)
Means of Addressing Security Concerns of Smart Home Devices by Ownership (Q2/14)
Forecast Methodology Professional Support Requests
Professional Support Requests - Smart Home Devices and Systems

Publish Date: 1Q 2015

Pages: 46

Authored By:
Patrice Samuels - Sr. Manager, Market Research

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