Television 2.0: The Industry Perspective

This report examines the key variables impacting the delivery, consumption, and business of television services. It provides a global look at television services, examines specific services for key trends and challenges, and provides both a consumer and industry perspective on both the applications and the technological elements necessary to enable a richer television experience.

“Video-on-Demand services that feature rich content libraries and allow subscribers more flexible viewing options are today the most potent weapon service providers have in preventing churn and attracting new subscribers and building new value-added services revenues,” said Parks Associates. “Other interactive and digital home features, such as Caller ID on the TV, multiroom DVR, and remote access to DVR recordings, also rank well among potential applications.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Notes on Methodology and Report Focus

1.1 Sources of Data

1.2 Definitions and Descriptions

2.0   TV Services:  A Global Overview

2.1 North America

2.1.1    United States

Subscriber Base

Competitive Environment

Business Environment

2.1.2    Canada

Subscriber Base

Competitive and Business Environment

2.1.3    Europe

Subscriber Base

Competitive Environment

Business Environment

2.1.4    Asia-Pacific

Subscriber Base

Competitive Environment

Business Environment

3.0   Defining Television 2.0 Features

3.1 High-definition Channels

3.2 Video-on-Demand

3.3 Home Networking: The Beginning of Multi-platform Content

3.4 Blending the Internet with TV

3.5 Interactive Features and Advertising

3.6 Social Networking and Community Applications

3.7 Summary: Which Features Matter?

3.7.1    First Tier Services

3.7.2    Second Tier Services

3.7.3    Third Tier Services: Portable Device Interoperability, Communications, and Targeted Local Information and Programming

4.0   Television Services Value Chain: From Home to Head-end

4.1 Set-top Boxes

4.2 Middleware

4.3 Other Third-Party Software

4.4 STB Hardware

4.5 Networking Chipsets

4.6 Conditional Access/DRM

4.7 Edge Equipment

4.7.1    VoD Servers

4.7.2    Ad Insertion

4.8 Video Headend and Encoders

5.0   Global Forecasts

5.1 Set-top Boxes and DVRs

6.0   Predictions and Recommendations

6.1 Predictions

6.2 Recommendations for Industry Players

6.2.1    Service Providers

6.2.2    Technology Providers and Consumer Electronics Vendors

Resource Book

7.0   Television Services Value Chain Profiles

7.1 Set-Top Box Manufacturers

7.1.1    Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB)

7.1.2    Cisco Systems (Scientific Atlanta)

7.1.3    Coship

7.1.4    Echostar

7.1.5    Homecast

7.1.6    Humax

7.1.7    Motorola

7.1.8    Pace Technologies

7.1.9    Samsung

7.1.10  Sagem Communications

7.2 Middleware Providers

7.2.1    News Digital Systems

7.2.2    Digeo

7.2.3    Dreampark

7.2.4    Digital Video Broadcast

7.2.5    Espial

7.2.6    Kasenna

7.2.7    Microsoft

7.2.8    Minerva Networks

7.2.9    Myrio (Siemens Communications)

7.2.10  OpenTV

7.2.11  Orca Interactive

7.2.12  Ortikon

7.2.13  Osmosys

7.2.14  Vidiom

7.3 Conditional Access and Digital Rights Management

7.3.1    News Digital Systems

7.3.2    Latens

7.3.3    Motorola

7.3.4    Conax

7.3.5    Viaccess

7.3.6    Cisco (Scientific Atlanta)

7.3.7    Nagravision

7.3.8    Widevine Technologies

7.3.9    Irdeto

7.3.10  Ad Insertion Technology Providers

7.3.11  Adtec Digital

7.3.12  BigBand Networks

7.3.13  BlackArrow

7.3.14  CASTIS

7.3.15  C-COR

7.3.16  Packet Vision

7.3.17  SeaChange International

7.3.18  Tandberg Television

7.4 Video-On-Demand Servers

7.4.1    Anevia

7.4.2    BitBand

7.4.3    CASTIS

7.4.4    C-COR

7.4.5    Cisco Systems

7.4.6    Harmonic Incorporated

7.4.7    Kasenna

7.4.8    Motorola

7.4.9    ORTIKON

7.4.10  SeaChange International

7.4.11  Tandberg Television

7.5 Head-end and Encoder Vendors

7.5.1    Adtec Digital

7.5.2    Anevia

7.5.3    Envivio

7.5.4    Harmonic Incorporated

7.5.5    Tandberg Television

TV Households, Worldwide
Major Markets in North America, Europe and Asia for television services
Key U.S. Pay TV Market Characteristics
US Television Market (Year-end 2007)
U.S Digital Cable Subscribers
Verizon and ATT Subscribers
Key US Cable Operator Strategies
Key U.S. Telco TV Operator Strategies
Key U.S. Satellite TV Operator Strategies
Average Revenue per User for U.S. Television Subscribers
Canadian Television Market
Key Service Provider Strategies - Canada
Key Europe Pay TV Market Characteristics
European Television Market
Largest European DVB-T Markets
Leading IPTV Operators in Europe
Television Services by Country: Europe
Free and Basic Analog Cable Households in Europe
Basic Telco TV Service Pricing in Europe
Key Service Provider Strategies – Europe
Key Characteristics of Asian Pay TV Market
Asia Pacific Television Market
Television Services by country: Asia
Key Service Provider Strategies - Asia
Development Path for Advanced TV Features
Interest in TV Features
Percentage of Subscribers Opting for HD Service
Changes in VoD Service Usage
Popular VoD Content
Most Appealing VoD Enhancements
Multi-room DVR Strategies of U.S. Operators
Most Appealing Set-Top Box and Home Networking Features
Main Drivers for TV Program Downloads
Consumer Willingness to Pay for TV Features – Top 10
Emerging Television Advertisement Formats
Advertising Revenue for Leading U.S. Cable Operators
Growth in Social Networking
Community Features with High Appeal
New Music and Video Content Discovery
Video Recommendation Features with High Appeal
Tier 1 TV2.0 Features
Tier 2 TV 2.0 Features
Tier 3 TV 2.0 Features
Leading STB Suppliers
Global Set-Top Box Forecast
Leading Middleware Providers
STB Networking Technologies and Chipset Vendors
Content Security and Access Management Vendors
Leading Edge Equipment Vendors
Major Forecast Markets
Global Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Subscribers
Global Telco TV Subscribers
Global Satellite/DBS Television subscribers
Growth in Digital Cable by Region
Global Cable Television Subscribers
Global Television Service Subscribers
Global STB Shipments
Global DVR Unit Shipments

Publish Date: 3Q 2008

Pages: 140

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