Transforming the Smart Home User Experience

Technology advances in data analytics, in modeling and mining unstructured data, are changing the way that consumers interact with products. Two-way voice and video analytics, combined with cognitive computing, are providing greater contextual awareness, enabling a new layer of highly personalized value-added service. This report discusses how technology is transforming the smart home user experience.

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1.0      Report Summary

1.1      Purpose of Report

1.2      Research Approach/Sources

1.3      Core Questions Answered

2.0      The User Experience

2.1      Purchase Process

2.2      Product Reliability

2.3      Setup

2.4      User Interface

2.4.1   Voice Recognition / Natural Language Interaction

2.5      UX Personalization and Customization

2.5.1   Customized Use Cases and Tools

2.5.2   Balancing Convenience, Control, and Autonomy

2.5.3   Maximizing Smart Home Functionality

2.6      Customer Support

2.7      Data Analytics: Simplifying the User Experience

3.0      UX Investment

4.0      Company Profiles

5.0      Forecast

5.1      Forecast

6.0      Implications and Recommendations

6.1      Implications

6.2      Recommendations

7.0      Appendix

7.1      Glossary

8.0      Index

8.1      Image Sources

Smart Home User Experience Components
Brand Consideration for Connected CE Products
Factors Considered by CE Purchasers Other Than Brand
Top Three Purchase Considerations for Connected CE Products
Technical Problems Experienced with Smart Home Devices
Inconvenience of Device Setup
Likelihood of Purchasing the Same Brand Again
Voice Control Continuum
Methods of Interaction with Devices and Services
Examples of Alexa Compatible Devices and Services
Communication Method Used Most Often on Most-Often Used Connected CE Device
Ideal Smart Thermostat Interfaces
Ideal Smart Lock Interfaces
UX Investment Decision Factors
Amazon Company Profile
Vivint Company Profile
Roku Company Profile
Control4 Company Profile
Apical Company Profile
Nuance Company Profile
Forecast Methodology
Forecast of Consumer Device Unit Sales with Voice Control Capability
U.S. Forecast of Percent of Mobile Device Unit Sales with Voice Control Capability
U.S. Forecast of Percent of Connected CE Device Unit Sales with Voice Control Capability
U.S. Forecast of Percent of Smart Home Device Unit Sales with Voice Capability

Publish Date: 4Q 2016

Pages: 51

Authored By:
Hunter Sappington - Research Analyst
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst

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