Trends in 3DTV

This report examines the current market developments of 3DTV. This report focuses on key elements of the 3D value chain: content production, content delivery, and the impact on consumer electronics. It analyzes opportunities, threats, and potential hurdles to the success of 3DTV. It also provides a market forecast and recommendations to the major players, including broadcasters, CE manufacturers and content providers.

“The shift toward digital content distribution has raised the prospect of having high-quality 3D video in the home,” said Pietro Macchiarella, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “We expect consumers to base their demand for 3DTV programs on the quality of their first experiences with this technology. TV providers and consumer electronics manufacturers need to get it right and provide high-quality solutions that will gratify the significant percentage of consumers who are interested in welcoming 3D into their homes.”

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The Bottom Line

Trends in 3DTV Dashboard

1.0   Notes on Methodology

1.1 Terminology

1.2 Data Sources

1.3 Definitions

2.0   Opportunities for 3D Content

2.1 Movies

2.2 TV Programs

2.3 Gaming

2.4 Advertising

2.5 User Generated Content

2.6 Other Types of Content

3.0   Content Delivery

3.1 Over-the-Air Broadcast Delivery

3.2 Cable, Satellite and IPTV Delivery

3.3 Blu-ray

3.4 Online Delivery

4.0   Consumer Electronics

4.1 3D Displays

4.2 Audio/Video Devices

4.3 Glasses

4.4 3DTV vs. HDTV

5.0   Forecasts

6.0   Conclusions and Recommendations

6.1 For Pay-TV Operators

6.2 For CE Manufacturers

Familiarity with 3DTV
Familiarity with 3DTV, 2009 vs. 2010
CE Products: Familiarity vs. Personal Benefit
Demand Curve for 3D TVs
Upcoming 3D Movies
Interest in 3D TV Programs
Upcoming 3D Channels
Willingness to Pay for 3D TV Programs
Willingness to Pay for 3D Movies
Willingness to Pay for 3D Sport Events
Willingness to Pay for 3D Video Games
3D Vision-Ready Displays
Households Using PC-TV Connections to Watch Online Video
Frame Compatible 3D
HDMI 1.4a
Current Blu-ray Releases
Video Usage
3D TVs
3D Blu-ray Players
3D-Ready Home Theaters
Likelihood of Purchasing a 3D TV
Intentions to Purchase 3D TV
Revenue Curve for 3D LCD TVs by Level of Familiarity
Total Implied Market for 3D LCD TVs
Demand Curve for LCD TVs
Demand Curve for 3D LCD TVs
Demand Curve for LCD vs. 3D TVs
Product Purchase Intentions for 1H10
3D TV Unit Sales

Publish Date: 2Q 2010

Pages: 58

Authored By:
Pietro Macchiarella - Research Analyst

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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Dallas, Texas 75230

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