Trends in Multiscreen Advertising

This report assesses growth patterns for connected device and multiplatform media use as well as monetization strategies for the U.S. advanced TV, online video, and mobile app media markets. It includes market conditions, implications, strategic outcomes, and an update to Parks Associates’ advanced TV, online video, and mobile in-app advertising revenue forecasts.

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1.0                  Report Summary

1.1                  Purpose of Report

1.2                  Scope of Report

1.3                  Research Approach/Sources

2.0                  State of the Multiscreen Advertising Industry

2.1                  Multiscreen Use Cases and Consumer Behaviors

Simultaneous Use

Sequential Use

2.2                  Industry Perspectives on Multiscreen Advertising

2.2.1               Challenges to Deliver Multiscreen Advertising

2.2.2               Brand & Marketer Perspectives

Creative Design

Ad Targeting

Ad Buying

2.2.3               Publisher Perspectives

TV broadcasters and cable networks

Web/Mobile Publishers

Ad Selling

Ad Serving

Ad Campaign Management and Measurement

2.2.4               Ad Technology Provider Perspectives

3.0                  Innovations in Multiscreen Advertising

3.1                  Automatic Content Recognition

3.2                  Programmatic Buying & Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

3.3                  Advertising Big Data

4.0                  U.S. Multiscreen Advertising Revenue Forecasts 2014-2019

4.1                  Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

4.2                  TV & Internet Advertising Spending in the U.S. from 2014–2019

4.3                  Multiscreen Ad Spending in the U.S. from 2014–2019

5.0                  Market Implications and Recommendations

6.0                  Appendix

6.1                  Glossary

6.2                  Company Index

Companies Researched and Interviewed for This Report
Adoption of Connected Devices with a Digital Screen: 2009-2014
Trends on Percentage of Consumers Watching Video on a Screen: 2010-2014
Video Genres on Different Screens: TV Shows vs. Movies vs. Other Types of Clips
Smartphone and Tablet Use While Watching TV: Percentage of Users by Age Group
Second Screen Activities by Age Group
Second Screen Activity by Access Options: Mobile Web Browser vs. App
Awareness of TV Everywhere Services by Pay TV Provider Brand: 2012-2013
E-Commerce Traffic and Sales on Cyber Monday 2014: Breakdown by Device Platform
Google Data: Online Shopping is a Multiscreen Activity
Multiscreen Advertising Use Cases
Fragmentation a Fundamental Challenge to Multiscreen Ad Delivery
Major Ad Campaign Functions and Challenges in a Multiscreen Environment
Example--Creative Ad Design with Interactivity
Trends and Challenges for Multiscreen Ad Creative Designs
Leading Ad Tech Companies with Ad Creative Solutions
Trends and Challenges for Multiscreen Ad Targeting
Leading Ad Targeting Technology Providers
Trends and Challenges for Multiscreen Ad Buying
Leading Independent Ad Buying Technology Providers
Challenges & Trends for Multiscreen Ad Selling
Leading Independent Ad Selling Solution Providers
Challenges and Trends for Multiscreen Ad Serving
Leading Independent Ad Serving Technology Providers
Challenges and Trends in Multiscreen Ad Management and Measurement
Leading Independent Ad Measurement Companies
Comparison Between ACR-enabled First-Screen App vs. Second Screen App
Leading ACR Technology Providers and First/Second-Screen Ad Solution Providers
Leading Independent RTB Exchange Operators
U.S. Multiscreen Ad Spending Forecast Models
U.S. TV Ad Revenue Forecasts by TV Service Providers: 2014-2019
U.S. Internet Ad Spending Forecasts: 2014-2019
U.S. Multiscreen Ad Spending Forecasts: 2014-2019

Publish Date: 4Q 2014

Pages: 65

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research
Tejas Mehta - Chief Data Scientist

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