TV Apps: Strategies and Trends

This report analyzes the emergence of TV-related apps for mobile devices, smart TVs, and other platforms among players in the video services ecosystem. The report outlines the goals and strategies of various stakeholders in television services and how TV apps help them accomplish those goals. It examines several functional areas of TV apps on various platforms and how TV apps will evolve in the future.

“With the growth of app-based interfaces for connected consumer electronics, players throughout the television services industry are rolling out new apps to garner greater engagement, loyalty, audience sizes, and revenues,” said Brett Sappington, director of research, Parks Associates. “These apps can be a significant enabler of new services as well as a disruptor to the status quo for the television ecosystem.”

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The Bottom Line


1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2        Data Sources

2.0        The New World of TV Apps

2.1        Defining TV Apps

2.2        Consumer Use

3.0        Platforms for TV Apps

3.1        Personal Computers

3.2        Mobile Devices

3.3        Game Consoles

3.4        Smart Televisions

4.0        App Functions

4.1        Viewing

4.1.1     Video On-Demand

4.1.2     Linear Content

4.2        Engagement

4.2.1     Real-time Companion Apps

Information Features

Interactive Features

Social Features

4.2.2     Non Real-time Apps


Location-based Services (LBS)

4.3        Utility

4.3.1     User Interface and Discovery Features

4.3.2     Device Control Features

4.3.3     Purchasing Features

4.4        Comparison of App Functions

5.0        App Owners and Stakeholders

5.1        Pay-TV Providers

5.2        Content Owners and Rights Holders

5.3        Third Parties

6.0        Current Issues and Trends

6.1        Authentication, Rights, and Licensing

6.2        Cross-Platform Integration and App Certification

6.3        Business Models

6.3.1     Paid

6.3.2     Advertising

6.3.3     Indirect

6.3.4     Freemium

7.0        Forecast

7.1        Methodology and Assumptions

7.2        Smartphones

7.3        Tablets

8.0        Glossary and Index

8.1        Glossary


Entertainment Application Usage
Monthly Use of TV Smartphone Apps by Age
Monthly Use of TV Tablet Apps by Age
Smartphone & Tablet Adoption (2009-2013)
Smartphone Ownership
Percentage of Broadband Households Connecting CE Devices to TV & the Internet
Use of Connected Game Consoles
Select Pay-TV Providers with Smart TV Apps
Reason to Watch Free Online TV Programs
Percentage of Mobile Device Owners Using Show/Channel Apps to Look up Information
Scenarios While Watching Live TV
Percentage of Mobile Device Owners
Select Pay-TV Provider Control Functions
Comparison of App Functions
Select Pay-TV Provider App Models
TV App Forecast Model
Forecast: Smartphone TV App Users
Forecast: Percentage of Total Population Using TV Apps on Smartphones
Forecast: Tablet TV App Users
Forecast: Percentage of Total Population Using TV Apps on Tablets

Publish Date: 4Q 2013

Pages: 49

Authored By:
Glenn Hower - Senior Analyst
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst

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