TV Everywhere 2.0: The Next Steps in Multiscreen

As TV Everywhere / multiscreen services have become more common, operators and vendors are pushing multiscreen into its next stage of evolution. This report analyzes recent trends in TV Everywhere to reveal what is next for this important technology, including the new competitive environment, new features, and new priorities for operators and vendors. The report examines the implications for these changes, assesses the future for multiscreen services, and provides a forecast for multiscreen services through 2018.

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The Bottom Line


1.0   TV Everywhere Today

2.0   TV Everywhere Consumers

2.1 Awareness and Use

2.2 TV Everywhere Users vs. Average Pay TV Subscribers

2.3 Groupings of TV Everywhere Users

3.0   TV Everywhere 2.0

3.1 Changes in Operator Motivations

3.2 Features

3.2.1 Discovery

3.2.2 User Engagement / Interaction

3.2.3 Seamless Transition / Portability

3.2.4 Expanded Content

4.0   TV Everywhere Solution Providers

4.1 Changes in the Vendor Marketplace

4.2 The Challenge in Differentiation  

5.0   Forecast

5.1 Methodology and Assumptions

5.2 Global Forecast of TV Everywhere Use

6.0   Implications / Recommendations

6.1 Vendors

6.2 Operators

7.0   Notes on Methodology

8.0   Glossary and Index

8.1 Glossary

8.2 Index

Phases of the TV Everywhere Market
Consumers and TV Everywhere Awareness
TV Everywhere Awareness by Pay-TV Provider
Comparison of Demographics
Comparison of CE Ownership
Comparison of CE Ownership
Comparison of Monthly Video-on-Demand Use
Comparison of Demographics
Demographics of TV Everywhere Use Case Groups
Examples of Operator-based OTT Initiatives
Differentiation among Selected TV Everywhere Solution Vendors
Forecast Methodology
Forecast of TV Everywhere Users by Region (2013-2018)

Publish Date: 1Q 2014

Pages: 51

Authored By:
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst

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