Television Services: North American Outlook

This report analyzes the North American market for consumer TV services, including cable, IPTV, and satellite/DTH. It examines service provider activities and trends, competitive positioning, customer retention strategies, changing regulations, and new technologies attempting to break into the space, including Google Fiber and Aereo. The report analyzes forces that impact current offerings, including carriage and retransmission issues, OTT video services, multiscreen services, and VOD. The report includes forecasts for subscriber and ARPU trends through 2017.

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Data Sources

2.0   State of the Market

2.1 The State of Television in North America

3.0   Service Trends and Key Competitive Issues

3.1 Subscriber Retention

3.2 Customer Service

3.3 Content Costs, Carriage Fees and Retransmission Battles

3.4 New Challengers: Google Fiber, Aereo Join OTT as Disruptors

3.4.1  Google Fiber in Kansas City

3.4.2  Aereo Arrives in New York City

3.5 TV Everywhere

3.6 Smart-TVs: Risk and Reward for Pay-TV Operators

3.7 CapEx Spend for 2012- 2013

3.8 Completing the Conversion to Digital

3.9 Operator CPE Initiatives

3.10  The Changing Cable Landscape

4.0   Forecasts – Pay-TV Subscribers and Multiscreen TV Services

4.1 Methodology and Assumptions

4.2 U.S. Subscriber Growth

4.3 RPU and Revenue Continue to Rise

5.0   Glossary

5.1 Glossary of terms

Industry Sources for the Report
Worldwide Pay-TV Subscribers
Users are Watching More Video on More Screens
U.S. Service Provider Subscription Figures
Canadian Provider Subscription Figures
North American Pay-TV Subscriptions
U.S. Pay-TV Content Features
Subscriber Acquisition Costs
Decline in U.S. Subscriber Numbers
Cable Operators Get Back to Basics
Pay-TV Subscriptions Trends
Reasons for Downgrading TV Package
Carriage/Retransmission Disputes in 2012 at a Glance
Google Fiber Service Delivery
Availability of Multiscreen / TV Everywhere Services
Awareness of TV Everywhere Services – U.S.
Awareness of TV Everywhere Services – Canada
TV Everywhere Usage
Worldwide Households with Pay-TV Services / Smart TVs
Subscriber Forecast Methodology
U.S. Pay-TV Subscriber Forecast
U.S. Pay-TV Market-Share Change
Revenue Forecast Methodology
U.S. Pay-TV Revenue Forecast

Publish Date: 3Q 2012

Pages: 62

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