Winning the Consumer: Profiting from Superior User Interfaces

This report details the user experience provided by connected device manufacturers for streaming content and assesses the value of a consumer-preferred user interface to CE makers in terms of usage, opportunity to increase market share, and alternate revenue opportunities. Connected devices covered include smart TVs, streaming media devices, gaming consoles, and smart Blu-ray players.

The report also examines pay-TV operator interfaces, personalized user interfaces, unified interfaces, and content discovery. It looks at interface tools, such as remotes, touchscreen, keyboards, voice control, and gesture control, and assesses innovations and future directions.

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1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose of Report

1.2          Scope of Report

1.3          Research Approach/Sources

2.0          The User Experience

2.1          Picture and Sound Quality

2.2          Content Availability

2.3          Broadband Performance

3.0          The Market for OTT Streaming Interfaces

4.0          The User Interface

4.1          Interface Design

4.2          Search and Discovery

4.3          Personalization

4.3.1       Personalized Recommendations

4.3.2       Personalized Interfaces

5.0          User Interface Examples

5.1          Changhong

5.2          Opera Software

5.3          LG

6.0          Unified Interfaces

7.0          Interface Interaction Tools

7.1          Mature Interface Interaction Tools

7.1.1       Remote Controls

7.1.2       Device Accessories

7.2          Emerging Interface Interaction Tools

7.2.1       Voice Controls

7.2.2       Natural Language Interaction

7.2.3       Gesture Controls

7.2.4       Facial Recognition

7.2.5       Headgear

Virtual Reality

Google Glass

7.2.6       Haptic Feedback Technology

8.0          The Interface Role in Revenue Streams

9.0          Implications and Recommendations

9.1          The Next Generation User Experience

9.2          Implications for CE Manufacturers

9.3          Implications for Service Providers

10.0        Appendix

10.1        Glossary

10.2        Company Index

Broadband Speeds in Selected Countries
Example of a Video Screen With and Without AVA Technology
Percentage of Broadband Households with a Pay-TV Service Subscription
U.S. Households with Internet-Connected CE (2010 - 2014)
U.S. Households with Internet-Connected TV by Pay-TV Subscription
Most Frequently-Used Connected CE Device
Example of Netflix Interface
Example of TiVo Interface Showing Programming by Channel App
Appeal of Personalized Content Recommendations
Example of Changhong Smart TV Interface
Opera TV "Before" Interface
Opera TV "After" Interface
LG Smart TV Interface
Fan TV Interface with TWC Programming
Time Warner Cable App on Roku Device
Interest Levels in Smart TV Interaction Methods
Examples of Remote Controls with Content Buttons
Consumer Electronics Accessories Product Adoption
Consumer Electronics Accessories Purchase Trends
Most-Used Streaming Media Device
Streaming Media Device Sales by CE Manufacturer
Using Voice or Gesture Commands with Xbox One
Smart Home Privacy Concerns
Willingness to Share Smart Home Data
Average Monthly Content Expenditure for Most-Used Device

Publish Date: 4Q 2014

Pages: 62

Authored By:
Barbara Kraus - Director of Research

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