The Wireless Multimedia LAN: Requirements and Outlook

This comprehensive report probes the features and applications of next-generation Wi-Fi 802.11n technology, examines market requirements for wireless multimedia networking, compares & contrasts competing technologies, analyzes industry issues and the competitive landscape, and predicts market size and demand for a variety of wireless multimedia applications, including home networking equipment, computers, and fixed and mobile entertainment CE devices.

“802.11n will emerge as a stable Wi-Fi standard in 2008 and gradually replace 802.11g as the dominant Wi-Fi choice for wireless home networking,” said Harry Wang, research analyst, Parks Associates. “The fact that consumers favor wireless access for the home network, coupled with 802.11n’s technical merits, such as higher throughputs and more robust QoS, will power the growth of new entertainment platforms such as digital media adapters and wireless TV set-top boxes.”

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1.0 Notes on Methodology

1.1 Consumer Data

1.2 Definitions

1.3 Scope of Report

2.0 Home Networks: A Current Snapshot

2.1 The Early Market: Data Connectivity

2.2 Multimedia Networks: PC-to-CE

2.3 Entertainment Networks: CE-to-CE

2.4 Overview of Home Networking Solutions

2.5 Current Status of the Market: Wi-Fi Dominates for Data Connectivity

3.0 Understanding Wi-Fi’s Evolution

3.1 802.11a/b/g

3.2 Key Challenges to Wireless Networking

3.2.1 Throughput at Range

3.2.2 Interference

3.2.3 Multipath Fading

3.2.4 Quality-of-Service

4.0 Next Generation Wi-Fi Solutions—802.11n/MIMO

4.1 Background and Status of 802.11n

4.2 802.11n Draft Specifications and MIMO Technology

4.2.1 Draft-N Specifications

4.2.2 MIMO Implementation

4.3 Quality of Service and Security Features

4.3.1 802.11e

4.3.2 802.11i

5.0 Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Other Wireless Solutions

5.1 Background and History of UWB

5.2 UWB-WiNET Technology Overview

5.3 Market Traction and Issues for UWB as a Multimedia Networking Media

5.4 Other Wireless Solutions: Wireless for Uncompressed HD Video

5.5 Other Wireless Solutions: Ruckus Wireless

6.0 Other “No-New-Wires” Networking Technologies

6.1 Powerline Communications (PLC) Technology

6.2 Multimedia over Coax (MoCA)

6.3 HomePNA

6.4 Impact on Wireless Solutions

7.0 Wireless Multimedia LAN Applications

7.1 Home Networking Equipment

7.2 Computers

7.3 Media-Centric Consumer Electronics

8.0 Forecasts: Wireless Multimedia LAN Applications

9.0 Implications and Recommendations

9.1 Chipset Vendors

9.2 Home Networking Equipment Vendors

9.3 Consumer Electronics Vendors

9.4 Service Providers

Resource Book

Section I: Consumer Data

Wi-Fi® Penetration in Networked Households

Home Network Problems

Perceived Value of the Home Network – Wi-Fi® Users vs. Others

Planned Home Networking Purchases

Demographic Traits of Wireless Network Households

Device Ownership and Multimedia Habits

Section II: Wireless Multimedia LAN Chipset Developers

Airgo Networks Inc.


Atheros Communications Inc.

Broadcom Corp.

Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Metalink Ltd.

Ralink Technology Corp.

Ruckus Wireless


Sigma Designs



The Bottom Line

Most-Valued Applications for a Home Network
Recent Trends in the Digital Media Adapter Category
Set-top Box Manufacturers’ Home Networking Strategies
Network Storage Technologies and Major Vendors
Types of High-end Video Servers
Overview of Home Networking Solutions
Network Media Used for Data Connectivity
Data Network Growth: 2005-2010
Wireless Networking ICs and Product Implementation
Pre-n Chipset Vendors and Product Features
Draft 802.11n’s Mandatory and Optional Specs
Atheros’ Test on Cost/Performance Tradeoffs for Different Antenna Configuration
Comparisons of 802.11n and WiMedia UWB
Market Momentum for UWB as Wireless Multimedia Backbone
Status of Global UWB Spectrum Regulation
Powerline Communication Silicon Vendors and Product Features
Vendors of Silicon Products for MoCA Standard
Examples of Home Wireless Routers/PC Adapters Using Next-Gen Wi-Fi
Service Providers’ Interest in Next-Gen Wi-Fi Solutions
Examples of Next-Gen Wi-Fi Equipped Laptop Computers
Categories of Technology Platforms for Wireless Multimedia LAN Applications
Size of TAM for Wireless Multimedia LAN Applications (Chart)
Size of TAM for Wireless Multimedia LAN Applications (Table)
Sales Forecast of Wireless Multimedia LAN Applications: By Units (Chart)
Sales Forecast of Wireless Multimedia LAN Applications: By Units (Table)

Resource Book

Network Media Used for Data Connectivity
Hybrid Home Network is the Most Popular Choice
Type of Wireless Technology Used
What Additional Nodes Have Home Network Users Attempted to Connect?
Top Problems Experienced with Home Networks
Rate the Process of Connecting New Nodes to the Home Network
Top Five Most-Valued Applications for a Home Network
Next Five Most-Valued Applications for a Home Network
Purchase Intentions for Home Networking Components or Management Software
Network Nodes Most Likely to be Purchased
Wireless Vs. Wired Households: Age Comparison
Wireless Vs. Wired Households: Gender Comparison
Wireless Vs. Wired Households: Education Background Comparison
Wireless Vs. Wired Households: Income Comparison
Wireless Vs. Wired Households: Device Ownership
Wireless Vs. Wired Households: Interest in Multimedia Applications
Airgo Networks Inc.: Chipset Solution
Atheros Communications Inc.: Chipset Solution(s)
Broadcom Corp.: Chipset Solution(s)
Marvell: Chipset Solution(s)
Metalink Ltd.: Chipset Solution
Ralink Ltd.: Chipset Solution
Ruckus Wireless: Technology
Sigma Designs: Technology
Tzero Technology: Technology Solutions

Publish Date: 4Q 2006

Pages: 99

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

© December 2006 Parks Associates
Dallas, Texas 75230

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