360 View: Residential Security & Smart Home provides a comprehensive analysis of the market for smart home products and services. It assesses the current state of the home security market and adoption of new offerings from telco and cable providers.

It details the adoption of “smart” security systems that integrate smart home devices into home security systems and analyzes the market for smart home devices, including purchase rates, average sales prices, distribution channels, and order of purchase.

Finally, it assesses market demand for smart home products and services, including hypothetical matchups between entry-level smart home devices and more robust premium devices.

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  • Consumer usage, adoption, and preferences regarding smart home and security systems
  • Interest in connected devices and home controls features
  • Consumer segmentation based on demographics and attitudes toward technology, security, and energy
  • Brand preferences and sensitivity to price points
  • Impact of new entrants and new technologies on consumer adoption
  • Appeal of various service offerings, including bundled options
  • Consumer perceptions of acquiring individual devices versus smart home systems
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