Connected Consumer in Europe: Products, Services, and Support surveys broadband households in France, the U.K., Germany, Italy, and Spain to determine attitudes, current ownership and subscription rates, and purchase intentions for all major product and service categories in the connected lifestyle.

This project creates a complete picture of the connected consumer in Western Europe, including regional differences, specifics on 2010 purchases, and demographic, attitudinal, and lifestyle segmentations to determine factors affecting current usage and future consumption.

  • Diffusion of computing, entertainment (video and music), mobile, cameras, and gaming products
  • Specifics of 2010 purchases for these product categories and purchase intentions for 2011
  • Current subscriptions and bundles for Entertainment, Mobile, Broadband, Gaming, and Photo Services
  • Service subscriptions added in 2010, including reasons for adoption, and intentions for 2011
  • Current use of, and demand for, premium technical support services to assist with home computer, home network, and access service-related problems
  • Home networking profile and current usage of mobile and connected CE across categories
  • Demographics, technographics, and lifestyle and behavioral factors of consumers as related to product and service adoption and usage
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