This consumer research study analyzes consumer demand for connected entertainment devices and services among Canadian broadband households.

Subscription Video Services

  • Uptake and anticipated changes in pay-TV and broadband services
  • Use of ad-based, subscription and transactional over-the-top (OTT) services
  • Interest in / use of personalization, UI, and new service features
  • Satisfaction levels for services
  • Multiscreen consumption
  • Use of apps and authenticated viewing
  • Attitudes and perceptions of video services

Support Services / Issues

  • Current use of support services
  • Concerns about privacy / security in use of connected devices
  • Consumer interest in new support options – self-help, apps, and other tools
  • Opportunities for smart home support services based on consumer interest in new capabilities, bundles, and system packages

Connected CE

  • Household penetration and adoption curves of connected CE devices, including new innovations (e.g., 4K)
  • Most-used devices in the connected home
  • Impact of innovations on sales and penetration of new and existing devices
  • Consumer reactions to a variety of business models for connected home entertainment devices
  • Purchase location trends
  • Brand, reasons, and location for new device purchases
  • Demand and usage trends for video and audio streaming
  • Household device most used for streaming and why
  • Role of connected device interfaces in guiding user experience and content discovery


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